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To be at peace with one's self regarding God: this is, quite simply, the idea behind this entire paper.Many of us are content to go through life, accepting things "as they are"; we ignore those nagging little questions and doubts in our minds, especially in matters regarding religion. In so doing we make it by, yes, but we never quite achieve that state of peace within ourselves.

Others of us, however, are not content to take things at face value, so to say, and we actively seek out answer - s to those questions which come up during the course of our lives. We question the faith of our fathers, not willing to settle for blind acceptance. This road is not easily traveled by any means, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

I was raised as a Christian, brought up in a denomination of protestantism known as the "Christian Reformed" faith. Despite a thorough religious background -- church services twice on Sunday and on holidays, Sunday school, church doctrine classes, Christian youth group, private Christian education, summer Bible schools and Bible camps--I found myself with questions concerning the very basics of my faith that no person nor avenue of religious instruction could answer. For

thirty-seven years, I wandered about in this haze of uncertainty regarding God and the right way to pay homage to Him until, in 1991, I discovered Islam.

The "Desert Storm" conflict in the Middle East was at its height; alongside the books on war strategy and weaponry at the local bookstore was a thin paperback entitled Understanding Islam. I paged through it, having that same sense of curiosity about this "mysterious" Middle-Eastern religion that many others did at this time. Curiosity quickly turned to amazement, however, when I learned through the pages of this book that Islam offered me the answers to those questions which had plagued me for all those years-and I wasted no more time. I became a Muslim. At long last, I had finally achieved that goal of being at peace within myself regarding my relationship with God.

Since God has given me the ability to express myself quite well on paper, I want to reach out to others who have all those questions floating around in their minds regarding religion, and I hope to perhaps steer them towards some answers. The material I present here may surprise and even even shock some who read it, but the pursuit of the Truth is never easy, especially in the face of long-held beliefs and principles.

I began my work some time ago by writing several small papers

1) Three In One, a look at the Christian doctrine of the trinity, which was published in early 1993 by The Open School of Chicago;

2) a paper entitled A Closer Look at Christianity, which is a study of Christian doctrines, and

3) a paper entitled A Case of Corruption, which is a study of text-tampering in the Bible.

This work you have in your hands represents the cumulation of all the above, with added research as I continued to read more between my first and final drafts for The Open School. It is my hope that, in the following pages, the readers have an opportunity to see the point-of-view on Christianity as I have come to understand it.

Barbara A. Brown

23 March 1993