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bar. Then he sat between the two of them. He removed his turban and scattered dust on his head. Then he placed his right hand on the chest of 'Ali Akbar and his left hand on the chest of Qasim. With his eyes filled with tears, he looked up at the sky and cried out, "O Lord of the worlds! Al-Husayn has been deprived of his sons."

According to some reports, when the Imam sent Qasim of to the battle, he tore Qasim's turban into two pieces. He placed one half on his shoulders and chest like the top piece of a shroud while he tied the other half to his head with a strap falling across his face and ending around his neck on his back. It was for this reason that Qasim's face was described as the first splinter of the new moon.
Muntakhab Turayhi).


Hasan Muthanna, the son of Imam al-Hasan, was present with his uncle Imam al-Husayn at Karbala'. He had asked the Imam for the hand of one of his daughters, Fatimah or Sakinah, in marriage. The Imam had chosen that he should marry his daughter Fatimah due to her resemblance his own mother, the Queen of the women of Paradise, Lady Fatimah. May Allah shower His blessing upon the souls of Muhammad and his immaculate progeny! The marriage had taken place either at the time of their departure from Medina or on the way to Iraq.
Nafs al-Mahmum).

On the Day of 'Ashura' Hasan Muthanna killed seventeen of the enemy before falling unconscious due to the excessive wounds that he had received in the fighting. Hasan Muthanna remained unconscious until 11th Muharram. Presuming him to be dead, the enemy did not touch him until the next day. On that day, 11th Muharram, the day after 'Ashura', 'Umar ibn Sa'd ordered the soldiers to behead the martyred companions of Imam al-Husayn, the Hashimites and the non-Hashimites alike. It was at this moment that the soldiers realised that Hasan Muthanna still had a ray of life in him. This news reached Asma' ibn Kharijah, a commander in 'Umar ibn Sa'd's army and a relative of Khawlah, the mother of Hasan Muthanna. He insisted that 'Umar ibn Sa'd spare the life of Hasan Muthanna. His request was granted.

Asma' took Hasan Muthanna who was still unconscious to Kufah for medication. On the way Hasan Muthanna gained consciousness. He was dismayed at the scene and asked about his uncle Imam al-Husayn. On hearing the fate of the Imam and his faithful companions, Hasan Muthanna was greatly grieved and saddened. Asma' took him to Kufah and ensured he was given medical attention.

After Hasan Muthanna had regained strength, Asma' sent him back to Medina. Hasan Muthanna stayed in Medina until the age of thirty-five when he was poisoned to death on the instructions of 'Abd al-Malik, the fifth Caliph of Umayyad dynasty. Hasan Muthanna was

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