Polarization Around the Character of 'Ali ibn Abi Talib






The Power of Attraction in `Ali

Chapter 1 
Powerful Attractions

Chapter 2 
Shi'ism, The Creed Of Love

Chapter 3 
The Elixir Of Love

Chapter 4 
Breaking Down The Barriers

Chapter 5 
Constructive Or Destructive?

Chapter 6 
Love And Devotion To Those Close To God

Chapter 7 
The Power Of Love In Society

Chapter 8 
The Best Means For Refining The Soul

Chapter 9 
Examples From The History Of Islam

Chapter 10 
Love For `Ali In The Qur'an And Sunnah

Chapter 11 
The Secret Of `Ali's Force Of Attraction

The Power of Repulsion in `Ali

Chapter 12 
How `Ali Made Enemies

Chapter 13 
How The Khawarij Came Into Existence

Chapter 14 
The Basis Of The Opinions Of The Khawarij

Chapter 15 
What They Believed About The Caliphate

Chapter 16 
The Decline Of The Khawarij

Chapter 17 
Just A Motto?

Chapter 18 
'Ali's Sense Of Democracy

Chapter 19 
The Distinguishing Features Of The Khawarij

Chapter 20 
The Politics Of "Using" The Qur'an

Chapter 21 
The Necessity Of Fighting Hypocrisy

Chapter 22 
'Ali, The True Imam And Leader