Chapter 114

The birth of al-Zahra’, Fatima (a.s.)

Fatima (a.s.) was born five years after the Messenger of Allah declared his message. She died when she was eighteen years and seventy five days old. She lived for seventy five days after the death of her father (s.a)."


H , Ch. 114, h 1

Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from ibn Mahbub from ibn al-Ri’ab from abu ‘Ubayda from abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.) who has said the following. "Fatima live for seventy five days of the death of the Messenger of Allah. She has become extremely sad for her father. Jibril would come to her for condolences because of the death of her father and to provide solace. He would inform her about her father about the where he was and about what would happen after her death to her descendants and Ali (a.s.) would down such information."


H , Ch. 114, h 2

Muhammad in Yahya has narrated from al-‘Amrakiy ibn Ali from Ali ibn Ja‘far from his brother from abu al-Hassan (a.s.) who has said the following. "Fatima is truthful and a martyr. The daughter of the prophet do not experience menses."


H , Ch. 114, h 3

Ahmad ibn Mihran, may Allah grant him blessing, has narrated from narrated in a in a marfu‘ manner and Ahmad ibn Idris has narrated from Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Jabbar al-Shaybani has said that narrated to me al-Qasim ibn Muhammad al-Razi who has said that narrated to him Ali ibn Muhammad al-Hurmuzi from abu ‘Abdallah al-Husayn ibn Ali (a.s.) who has said the following. "When Fatima (a.s.) passed away Amir al-Mu’minin Ali (a.s.) buried her secretly, camouflaged her grave site he then stood up facing the grave of the Messenger of Allah said, "O the Messenger of Allah may He grant you blessings on behalf of me the on behalf of your daughter who is visiting you and will pass this night in the soil in your location whom Allah chose to make join you the fastest. O the Messenger of Allah of my patience has reached to the brims and I miss so much your chosen one (daughter) and my self-control is banished for the departure of the leader of the ladies of the worlds. The only solace for me is to follow your tradition and be mournful for your own departure from us. A little while ago I placed you in your grave and your spirit left your body between my own throat and chest. Yes, in the book of Allah (for me) there is the best form to express acceptance of Allah’s decision ""We are the servants of God and to Him we shall all return." (2:156) The trust is returned and the commit is recalled amd al-Zahra’ is taken away from us. How sad, O the Messenger of Allah, the green skies and the dusty earth seem to us. My sadness has become perpetual and my night have become sleepless. There is an anxiety that will not relieve my heart until Allah will chose for me the dwelling like that where you are. I have a heart bleeding sorrow and a restless anxiety. How quickly the separation took place? To Allah I raise my complains and your own daughter will explain to you how your ’Umma (followers) succeeded in committing injustice against her. You may ask her questions and find information about the case from her. How great was the sorrow that she will find a place and an ear to express to. She would say Allah will judge because he is the best judge. I offer my prayer to Allah to grant you blessings as a note of farewell but not because of disappointment and despaired. If I return it is not that I have become tired and if I will stand up it will not be because of pessimism in the promise of Allah to those who exercise patience. Indeed to exercise patience is more safe and fruitful. Had not been for the mischief of the enemies I would have turned the place a place of worship andd would have kept my worship continuous and would cried like the mothers for the death of their son for the great loss. In the sight of Allah your daughter is buried secretly, her rights are taken away unjustly, her inheritance is withheld for no valid reason. It all has happen just after you left and your memories are still fresh. To Allah O the Messenger of Allah we complain and from youu O the Messenger of Allah we seek condolences. May Allah grant blessings to you and to her. May the peace and happiness of Allah be with you."


H , Ch. 114, h 4

A number of our people has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Isa from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn abu Nasr from ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Salim from al-Faddal who has said the following. "I asked abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.), "Who washed Fatima (for burial)?" he said, "Amir al-Mu’minin Ali (a.s.) did." My impression from his words seemed to be an extraordinary one. He said, "You seem to be constrained from what I said." The narrator has said that I replied, "Yes, May Allah take my soul in service for your cause, it is so." The narrator has said that the Imam (a.s.) then said, "Do not be constrained. She was the all truism person and no one has the authority to wash an all truism person but another all truism person. Did you not know that no one could wash Mary but Jesus."


H , Ch. 114, h 5

Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Muhammad ibn al-Husayn from Muhammad ibn ’Isma‘il fmSalih ibn ‘Aqaba from ‘Abdallah ibn Muhammad al-Ju‘fi from abu Ja‘far (a.s.) and abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.) who has said the following. "During the time of their doing (setting the door on fire) what they did Fatima held ‘Umar by his collar and pulled (down) saying, "By Allah, O son of al-Khattab, had I not disliked to inflicting calamity up on the innocent people, you would have learned how quickly my swearing up on Allah would have brought the swift response (with the wrath of Allah up on you)."


H , Ch. 114, h 6

Through the same chain of narrators it is narrated from Salih ibn ‘Aqaba from Yazid ibn ‘Abd al-Malik from abu Ja‘far (a.s.) who has said the following. "When Fatima (a.s.) was born Allah sent an angel to make the tongue of Muhammad (s.a) call her ‘Fatima’. Then he said, "I set you free (from ignorance) with knowledge and set you free from menses." Abu Ja‘far (a.s.) then said, "By Allah, He had set her free with knowledge (from ignorance) and from menses at the time universal covenant (al-Mithaq)."


H , Ch. 114, h 7

Through the same chain of narrators it is narrated from Salih ibn ‘Aqaba from ‘Amr ibn Shimr from Jabir from abu Ja‘far (a.s.) who has said the following. "Once the Holy Prophet (s.a) said to Fatima, "Rise and bring that tray." She went and took out the tray with fresh bread and steaming meat on it. The Holy Prophet (s.a), Ali, Fatima, al-Hassan and al-Husayn (a.s.) continued to have their meals from it for thirteen days. Then ’Umm Ayman saw al-Husayn with certain things with him. She asked, "Where from did you get it?" He replied, "We are having this for our meal for the past thirteen days." ’Umm Ayman came to Fatima and said, "O Fatima, "If ’Umm Ayman would have anything it is all for Fatima and her sons but if Fatima would have anything then there is nothing in it for ’Umm Ayman. She (Fatima) then took out from the tray food for her and ’Umm Ayman ate but the food from the tray banished. The Holy Prophet (s.a) said, "Had you not fed her (a non-infallible) from it you and your descendants would have had food from it up to the Day of Judgment." Abu Ja‘far (a.s.) then said, "The tray is with us and our Al-Qa’im (the one who will rise with Divine Authority) will take it out at his time."


H , Ch. 114, h 8

Al-Husayn ibn Muhammad has narrated from Mu‘alla ibn Muhammad from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ali from Ali ibn Ja‘far who has said the following. "I heard abu al-Hassan (a.s.) say, ‘Once when the Messenger of Allah was sitting an angel who had twenty four faces came to him. The Messenger of Allah said to him, "My friend Jibril, I had not seen you in this form before." The angel said, " Iam not Jibril, O Muhammad. Allah, the Most Majestic, the Most gracious, has sent me to join in marriage the light with the light." He then asked, "Who with who?" The angel said, "Fatima and Ali (a.s.)." The Imam (a.s.) said, "When the angel turned back on his shoulder it said, "Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, and Ali (a.s.) the executor of his will." The Messenger of Allah asked, "Since when this has been written on your shoulder?" The angel replied, "It was there twenty two thousand year before Allah created Adam."


H , Ch. 114, h 9

Ali ibn Muhammad and others have narrated from Sahl ibn Ziyad from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn abu Nasr who has said the following. "I asked al-Rida (a.s.) about the grave of Fatima (a.s.). He said, "She was buried in her own house. When the Amawids enlarged the Mosque it became part of the Mosque."


H , Ch. 114, h 10

A number of our people has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from al-Washsha’ from al-Khaybari from Yunus ibn Zabyan who has said the following. "I heard abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.) say, ‘Had Allah not created Amir al-Mu’minin Ali (a.s.) for Fatima, there would been no match on earth for her from Adam to the end."