Publisher's Foreword 2
Dedication 4
Dr. Taha Husayn's Foreword 6
The Author's Response 17
Definition of the Book 20
Narrating Hadith through Denotation 25
A General Word 31
Introduction of the Second Edition 35
For Truth and History 38
Introduction to the Third Edition 44
Al-Sunnah 46
Position of Sunnah in Religion 47
Forbiddance form Writing the Hadith 55
Companions and Hadith Relating 63
Companions Strictness in Admitting the Reports 68
To Lie Against Messenger of Allah 71
Fabricating Lies Against the Prophet After His Death 78
Sentence of That Who Lied Against the Prophet (S) 80
The Companions Critisizing Each Other 87
Narrating Hadith by Meaning and Disagreement among Scholars 91
Forms of Tashahhud 97
Word of Monotheism 101
Examples on Narrating Hadith By Meaning 105
Hadith of Ali's Sahifah 111
Disadvantage of Narrating Hadith Through Meaning 116
Detriment of Narration through Meaning Linguistically and Rhetorically 129
Narration in Islam 135
Composition of Hadith and Its Causes 142
Mu'awiyah was Fabricator of Tales 148
Mu'awiyah and Sham 153
The Abbasid State 162
The Righteous Fabricators 165
Ka'b al-Ahbar 176
Reason Behind his Embracing Islam 177
Wahb ibn Munabbih 178
Abd Allah ibn Sallam 179
Ka'b and Umar 181
Jewish Traditions Spread by Ka'b and Wahb 187
Some Companions Relating from Jewish Rabbis 194
Jewish Role in Preferring the Sham 200
Abd Allah ibn Saba' 209
Ka'b and Mu'awiyah 213
Masihiyyat in Hadith 216
Abu Hurayrah 229
Shaykh al-Mudirah 233
His Imposture (Tadlis) 240
First Narrator Accused in Islam 241
His Reporting from Ka'b al-Ahbar 245
Abu Hurayrah Follows the Umayyads 252
Fabrication of Traditions Against Ali 256
Narration of Great Companions 266
Ambiguous Traditions 269
The Twelve Caliphs 279
Al-Dajjal (Impostor) 285
Tadwin al-Qur'an 295
Collection of Qur'an and its Reason 297
A Meditative Pause 304
Tadwin al-Hadith 314
Writing of Hadith was Forcibly Done 318
Stages of Changeability of Tadwin 324
Effect of Delay in Tadwin 326
The Shi'ah and Writing of Hadith 331
Parts of Khabar 335
A Necessary Meditation 346
Famous Hadith Books 359
Malik and His Muwatta' 359
Al-Bukhari and His Book 363
Muslim and His Book 373
Are Sahihayn Containing Most Correct Traditions? 378
Abu Dawud 383
Al-Tirmidhi 384
Al-Nasa'i 386
Musnad Ahmad 391
Ahmad Reporting from an Apostate Companion 399
Jarh and Ta'dil 400
Reliability of the Companions 410
A Research on Disagreement 416
Adopting Reliability of All the Sahabah 427
Hypocrites Among Sahabah and Surat al-Tawbah 429
Sayings of Madhahib Imitators 442
Sorcery Hadith is of Ahad 455
Asking for Hadith without Fiqh 458
Conclusion 464
The Greatest Calamity Inflicted Islam 468
Criticism by 'Ulama of Fiqh al-Hadith 476
Aspects of Preponderance Contain Contradiction 482
Rules and Princeples 485
Original Rules of Rituals and Transactions 492