In The Name of God The Compassionate the Merciful

The significance of the glorious Islamic Revolution which came to be through the efforts of millions of worthy men and the blood of thousands of martyrs and disabled veterans (living martyrs)...(49) and which is regarded as a source of hope and inspiration to millions of oppressed human beings, is so great that it defies evaluation by pen or tongue.

I, Ruhullah al Musavi al Khomeini, ever mindful of the Lord's bounty in spite of my shortcomings and having as provision for my hazardous course only my hope and trust in His Munificence; and, as a humble talaba (student of Islamic jurisprudence) who, like all other brothers-in-faith,(50) have faith in this revolution and the everlastingness and perpetuation of its achievements and its fruition, undertake to present the following as my covenant and will with the present and future generations. I pray that God may grant me sincerity of purpose in making these remarks:

1- We all know that the great revolution which severed the tentacles of the tyrannical world-mongers from the face and form of Iran was made possible by divine grace only. It would have been impossible for the people of Iran to achieve this great feat in view of the following conditions that prevailed in the country at that time:

Immeasurable anti-Islamic, anti-clerical propaganda, particularly during the last century; creation of disunity and discord among the population by writers, poets, orators and the communication mass media; the establishment of so many centers of gambling, prostitution, narcotics consumption, bars and cabarets to drag the youth into indifference and vice, by the corrupt shah and his illiterate father; the imposition on the people of parliaments rigged up by the embassies of foreign powers; the use of teachers and professors with Eastern or Western leanings in schools and universities,- educators who were one hundred percent opposed to Islamic culture.

With all the above-mentioned issues and with scores of other problems such as the isolation of the clergy and perverting their minds with poisonous propaganda, it is nothing short of a miracle that the nation was able to rise up in unison with the cry of Allah-o-Akbar (God is the greatest)...(51). In every hamlet, village, town and city all over the country, by stunning acts of devotion and sacrifice, the nation drove out all domestic and foreign elements and agents of power and took the destiny of the country in its own hands. Therefore, without a doubt, the Islamic Revolution of Iran is singular and unique among all revolutions; unique in its emergence, in its fighting character and in its incentive for uprising and revolt. Certainly this was a sacred gift, a divine present from God to the oppressed and pillaged Iranian nation.

2- Islam and Islamic government are divine phenomena the utilization of which insures the happiness of man for all times in this and in the next world. They can put an end to injustice and corruption and help man achieve ideal perfection. Contrary to non-monotheistic schools of thought, Islam is concerned with and supervises man in all his individual, social, economic and military affairs. It does not overlook the smallest issue that affects the education and the moral and material progress of man and his society. Islam has pointed out the obstacles to social change and evolution of man and makes every effort to remove them.

And, now that by the grace of God, the Islamic Republic has been initiated in Iran by the mighty hand of its people and Islam and its progressive laws and tenets are the concern of this Islamic government, it is up to the nation to insure their implementation in all aspects of life and to safeguard them well as the preservation of Islam takes precedence over all else. All prophets from Adam (AS) to Muhammad (SAW) have consistently taken care of and made sacrifices for it (monotheism). After the Prophet of Islam the Innocent Imams strove hard for its preservation and some gave their lives for it.

It is now incumbent on the Iranian nation, as custodian of this divine trust that has formally been proclaimed in Iran, and which has given magnificent fruits in such a short time, to do all that is necessary for its enforcement and maintenance. It is to be hoped that this divine trust will radiate to other Islamic lands from Iran and all Muslim governments and nations may come to a common understanding of the issue, and as a result, they will thereby cut off the hands of the world-mongering super-powers and criminals of history and remove their hold on the oppressed peoples of the world.

AS I approach my last breath, I feel it is my duty to state some of the points that are involved in the preservation and perpetuation of this divine trust (the Sovereignty of Islam) and some of the things that endanger and threaten it, for the present and future generations. May God bless all with success and happiness!:

a) - Without a doubt, the secret of the survival of the revolution is the same as the secret of its victory. The nation knows this secret and the future generations will read about it in history texts. Its two essential components are the supreme divine purposes and aims of the sovereign rule of Islam and the coming together of all the nation in unity of word and expression for the sake of the same purposes and incentives.

My advice to all generations, present and future, is that if you desire God's sovereignty to continue and domestic as well as foreign colonialization of your lands and exploitation of your resources be curtailed, do not under any circumstance, abandon this divine incentive that the Holy Quran has emphasized. Forsaking this theocentric incentive and goal, which is the secret of the victory of the Revolution and its survival, will result in dispute, disunity and a forgotten purpose and objective. It is because of this that trumpets of propaganda are sounding off everywhere sowing the seeds of discord and disunity by distortion of facts and outright falsehood and lies. Millions upon millions of dollars are being spent for such mean purposes by corrupt powers that own or control the mass media and by their local stooges. The constant visits by the enemies of the Islamic Revolution to the region has this purpose in mind. Among such visitors, however, one sometimes sees heads of Islamic states who can think of nothing but their personal interests, as well as pseudo-clergymen. These elements blindly hand themselves over to the U.S.A. That of which the Iranian nation and Muslims everywhere must be mindful of, now and ever after, is the importance of neutralizing the vicious disuniting propaganda. My advice to all is that you should react to such plots and, by all means possible, render your unity (of word and purpose) increasingly more solid and thus disappoint the heathen and hypocrites.

b)- One of the major plots of the century especially of the last few decades and particularly after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which is clearly manifest, in the multi-dimensional propaganda launched, has the aim of disappointing Muslim peoples especially the Iranian nation with Islam. Sometimes with explicit but crude argument it is claimed that the laws of 1400 years ago can not efficiently administer the modern world. At other times they contend that Islam is a reactionary religion that opposes any new ideas and manifestations of civilization and that, at the present, no country can remain aloof to world civilization in its various aspects. Sometimes, in fiendish yet foolish propaganda jargon, they claim the sanctity of Islam and maintain that divine religions have the nobler task of purging egos, of inviting the people to asceticism, monkhood, morality and of admonishing them against the world of matter. They say that prayers bring men closer to the Lord; that politics and government are opposed to these great moral purposes and are contrary to the traditions of the great prophets.

Unfortunately, such propaganda has impressed some of the clergy and faithful Muslims who are not properly tutored in the teachings of Islam. This influence has been so marked that some simple-minded Muslims have considered involvement in government and politics a grave sin and evil. This is a calamity by which Islam is affected. The first group, it must be said, either knows nothing about government, law and politics or else they sham ignorance. The enforcement of law is based on equity and justice; on prevention of cruelty and dictatorship- on the extension of personal and social fair play; on prevention of vice, deprivation and perversion; on liberty, reason, independence, and self-sufficiency; on prevention of colonialisation, exploitation and serfdom; on penance and the limits punishment (hudood...(52) and taazirat...(53))- on Qisas...(54) or retaliation in kind and on the basis of implementation of justice to control corruption and vice in the world.

Politics and administration of a community according to reason, equity and justice, etc. is not something to wear away or erode in the course of history and man's life on earth. Claiming such a thing amounts to arguing that principles of reason and mathematics must be altered today and replaced by some other rules. It is absurd to say that social justice which was to be practiced from the beginning of creation and crimes and cruelties which were to be avoided can no longer be exercised in the age of atom. The contention that Islam is opposed to innovations is as foolish as Muhammad Reza Pahlavi's claim that "in this age they want to travel by quadrupeds".

This is nothing but an inane accusation because, if by innovations and new features of civilization is meant inventions, new discoveries, industrial progress and the like, let them consider the fact that neither Islam nor any other monotheistic religion has ever opposed such things. Rather, science and industry are very much emphasized in the Quran and Islam. However, if by modernism and civilization is meant, as some professional intellectuals claim, freedom of vice, prostitution and even homo-sexuality, then all divine religions, men of reason and learning are opposed to it, even though some individuals with pro-western or pro-eastern leanings may blindly promote these things.

However, the second category of the foes of Islam who entertain more vicious plots claim that religion and politics are not compatible and cannot be combined. These ignorant individuals must realize that the Holy Quran and the traditions of the Prophet of Islam contain more lessons, decrees and commands on the rule of government and politics than they do on any other issue. Indeed a good many Islamic laws concerning worship have political aspects as well. Neglecting such aspects has often resulted in catastrophes. The prophet of Islam founded a government just like any other except that it seeks to promote social justice and equity. The early caliphs of Islam enjoyed extensive rule. The sovereign rule of Hazrat Ali (AS) with the same objective, but on a much wider scale and dimension, is all too well known in history. However, after Ali (AS) gradually the rule of Islam became nominal. Even today there are many governments which claim to be Islamic but rarely pay Islam even a lip service.

In this my final will and testament I merely mention these points in passing and hope that historians and sociologists will make Muslims see their mistakes in this respect. The contention that the prophets and Imams have been only concerned with moral and spiritual issues and government, being concerned with secular or temporal matters, has been rejected by them is woefully wrong. Adhering to this unfounded contention leads to corruption of Islamic nations and opens the way for the blood-thirsty colonialist.

What is taboo is the satanic, dictatorial rule; domination, thirst for power and lust for wealth; in short all the worldly things that make man forsake the Lord. But, divine rule is in the interest of the dispossessed and oppressed and seeks to prevent cruelty and injustice. It establishes social justice as did Sulaiman lbn Davood ...(55) and the Prophet of Islam (SAW). Maintenance of justice in the society is a duty in Islam and is regarded as a sublime act of adoration and worship. Wholesome and healthy politics that existed in the above rules are necessary. The alert Iranian nation must neutralize the plots mentioned above with Islamic thought and perception. Let writers and preachers rise and help the nation to defeat the plotting devils.