c)- One such conspiracy, a most vicious one, is the widespread rumor claiming that: 'The Islamic Republic" has not done anything for the good of the people! Poor people! They made sacrifices to overthrow the despotic regime of the Taghoot (despot), little did they know that they would emerge with a worse regime. The arrogant have become more arrogant and the mustazaf in more oppressed. Prisons are full of youths who are our hopes for the future. Torture has become more inhumane and severe than before. Every day a number of men are executed, - all in the name of Islam. They had better not call this system 'The Islamic Republic". Circumstances are worse than at the time of Reza Khan...(56) and his son. People are suffering hardships; prices are soaring to high heavens; authorities are leading the regime to communism; people's properties are being confiscated: freedom in all forms has been withheld from the people, etc. Such rantings are proof of planned conspiracies that are carried out daily in some form in some location, town or borough; in taxi cabs, in buses, at small gatherings, etc, and as one false rumor wears off a fresh one takes its place.

Unfortunately the clergy, unaware of the satanic plots, come in contact with agents of discord and think that their incantations are true. The fact is that many of those who listen to the rumors and believe them are persons who lack knowledge of world conditions, of world revolutions and of post-revolutionary events and their inevitable concomitant problems. They lack knowledge of the changes that have occurred in favor of Islam and so, when they hear such rumors they deliberately or by mistake, accept them. I urge everyone not to make hasty conclusion or damning criticism until you have done the following: made a study of world conditions and a comparison between the Islamic Revolution and other revolutions and the post-revolutionary problems in which those nations and countries had sunk; acquainted yourselves with the circumstances of the countries and nations before, during, and after their revolutions; considered the various serious problems brought about by Reza Khan and worse than that by his son Muhammad-Reza, problems including: dependencies of all kinds on foreign powers; bribery and dishonesty of government personnel; bankrupt economy; vice in all forms including prostitution; conditions in the various ministries and the army; cinemas, cabarets and houses of ill-fame; conditions in schools and universities; problems of the youth, the women, the dedicated clergy, the liberals and the chaste but oppressed women before and after the Revolution; conditions of the mosques during the time of Taghoot; the records of persons sentenced to death then and now; considered the circumstances of the collectors of wealth, of capitalists, of real estate manipulators; of the courts of justice and their records; made a study and comparison between the present and former judges and their rulings; compared the representatives of the Majles (The Islamic Consultative Assembly) before and after the Revolution; compared the work of the provincial governors in both regimes; studied and compared the activities of the Reconstruction Jihad ...(57) in rural areas today with conditions that existed in such areas before the Revolution; considered the entire work of this regime in the span of last few years, with the years it spent at war, with the work of the former regime in more than 50 years of absolute rule having no refugee-problems, no war-torn towns, villages or cities and no problems of disabled veterans, no homeless families, no problems of an economic blockade, no plots by America or its local and alien agents, no multi-million number of Afghan and Iraqi refugees ...(58) no problem with a lack of experienced propagandists and religious judges in sufficient number; and considered the lawlessness caused by the perverts, the enemies and even by some untutored friends; and considered countless other issues and drawn comparisons.

Do not levy your tirades of criticism on anyone or anything unless you have made the necessary studies and comparisons. Have mercy on Islam, the Islam which has just re-emerged as a toddler, after centuries of suffering under despots, wrapped up in ominous covers provided by the animosity and opposition of local and foreign foes! Would it not be better if you could, instead of associating yourselves with anarchist and terrorist groups and siding with them indirectly, consider the families of the victims of terror among the dedicated innocent clergy and other innocent servants?!

I have never said, and do not say now, that today Islam is practiced in this Republic in All its dimensions and that no one acts against Islamic laws here either through ignorance, lack of discipline or because of some personal complex. But, I do say that the Legislative, the Judiciary and the Executive powers are doing all they can to Islamize this country and they are supported in their efforts by tens of millions of citizens. If this obstructionist, trouble-making minority would come along and, in the spirit of fair play, support such efforts, the realization of the objective shall come about much easier and faster. If they don't join up, they may rest assured that the masses are informed, alert and concerned and they shall defeat that minority. I dare say that today the Iranian nation is more righteous and upright than the people of Hejaz at the time of Muhammad (SAW) and the people of Kufeh at the time of Ali (AS) and Hossein (AS). When the Prophet (SAW) was still alive the people of Hejaz disobeyed him and feigned excuses for not going to the war fronts. For this God has rebuked them sternly in the Sura Al-Tawbah (Repentance) ...(59) of the Quran. They accused the Prophet (SAW) of lying so much that he damned them for it from the pulpit. The people of Kufeh mistreated and disobeyed Ali (AS) to the extent that his complaints against them is recorded in many books. The maltreatment of Imam Hossein by the people of Kufeh (AS) culminated in history's greatest epic event, the martyrdom of Hossein (AS). And those who did not participate in the act of martyrdom of Imam Hossein either fled or sat by and watched the bloody crime take place. But, today, we see how the Iranian nation wholeheartedly supports its armed forces, the Sepah ...(60) and Basij ...(61) recruits and volunteers. We see all these elements, including the tribal peoples and the militia, making unimaginable sacrifices at the war fronts as well as behind the lines. We are delighted to observe and enjoy the invaluable assistance rendered by our people from all over the country. We are proud to see the survivors of our martyrs and the disabled veterans and their meet all of us with open arms and such reassuring mien and words. All this is due to their unwavering faith in Allah and to their love for Him and Islam and to their assurance of the eternal life, while they are neither in the company of the Prophet (SAW) nor accompanying an Innocent Imam (AS). Their assurance and incentives are elsewhere, - in their faith in the unseen, the Invisible (ghaib). This is the secret of victory and success in their various dimensions. Islam should take pride in having raised and trained such followers and sons. All of us are proud to be in the presence of such a nation in such an age as this.

I hereby counsel those who, for any reason, oppose the Islamic Republic, the youth, the girls and the boys who are exploited by the perverts and the hypocrites, to maintain an open mind and then sit in judgment of the propaganda of those who wish to see the Islamic Republic collapse; to study the mode of conduct of such individuals toward the people, toward the governments and groups and toward their own supporters; to carefully observe the shifts in their attitudes and positions on various occasions and compare same with the conduct of the survivors of those who were martyred by the hypocrites, and then decide which group truly supports the oppressed and the deprived peoples in the community. Authentic tape recordings of both pro and con groups are on hand and will help you with your task of comparison and evaluation.

Brothers! You will not read these lines while I live, you may read them after I am gone and am no longer among you to want to say things to gain your favor and support.

But, as you are worthy young people I would like to see you spend your time in the path of God, for noble Islam and for the Islamic Republic, so that you may attain happiness in this and in the next world. I ask God to guide you to the straight path and to forgive our past deeds. I advise you to make the wish when in seclusion, for He is the Guide, the Merciful.

My counsel and recommendation to the noble Iranian nation and to all the nations who suffer under corrupt governments and are chained by great powers is this: cherish as your most precious thing the blessing that you have gained by your great jihad ...(62) (crusade) and by the blood of your worthy young men. Guard it well and preserve it as a divine favor and great trust from your Lord. Make every effort to safeguard it, do not worry about difficulties if any should arise. Remember: 'If you help Allah, He will help you and make you strong" (The Holy Quran, Sura 47, Muhammad, Verse 7). Help the Islamic Republic with all your hearts and do your utmost to solve some of its problems. Consider the Majles (The House of parliament) and the government as your very own and protect them as you would your loved ones. Likewise, I recommend this nation to the care and attention of the Majles and government authorities who should serve the people well, particularly the deprived and oppressed who are our true benefactors. These are the people who made the formation of the Islamic Republic possible and insure its continuity. The authorities should regard themselves as belonging to the people and recognize the people as parts of their own beings. Always condemn the despotic rule of the UN cultured plundering bullies by humane methods worthy of an Islamic government.

My suggestion to the Muslim nations is that you consider the government of the Islamic Republic and the crusading Iranian nation as your examples. Do away with your own despotic governments unless, they bow to the demand of your own nations which is the same as the demand of the Iranian nation. The dependent puppet governments, who are either pro-East or pro-West are the cause of the misfortunes of the Muslims. I recommend with emphasis that you pay no attention to the propaganda sirens of the antagonists of Islam and of the Islamic Republic as they always try to force Islam to the sidelines so as to insure the interests of the super-powers.

d)- One of the satanic plots of the major colonialists and exploiters, that has been in force for many decades and reached its apex in Iran in the reign of Reza Khan and was continued by Muhammad Reza, was to isolate the clergy by different methods including pressure, suppression, imprisonment, unfrocking and various forms of abuse, insult and derision. Another technique is to create friction, disharmony and animosity between university circles and the clergy. Extensive propaganda was used to achieve such tension and it was effective because of the ignorance of both groups of the devilish plotting of the super-powers. Grade school, high school and university teachers, tutors, principals, instructors, lecturers, professors, deans, etc were selected from among persons with pro-Eastern or pro-Western leanings. These educators were religious perverts. Devout and virtuous educators formed a small minority. The purpose was to train the future authorities of the state from childhood through adulthood in such a manner as to hate religions in general and Islam in particular and to despise religious enthusiasts especially the Muslim clergy. Muslim clergymen were accused of being British agents, supporters of capitalists, land-mongers and reactionaries opposed to civilization and progress. At the same time they threw the fear of students in the clergy and the "educated" university scholars with malicious propaganda accusing them of atheism, libertinism and opposition to all manifestations of religion. These conditions lined up the government authorities against religions including Islam and its clergy. The situation placed the clergymen and the religious masses, who cared for their religion and its clergy, against the government and all that was part of it. The deep gap between government and the nation, and between the university and the clergy opened the way to the exploiters and the plunderers so much that the fate of the people and the country's resources fell into their hands and pockets and the nation suffered as we all witnessed.

And now that by the grace of God and the sacrifices of all the nation including the clergy, the university people, the businessmen (the bazaar), labourers, agricultural and industrial workers and other segments, the fetters of bondage have been removed, the shackles of serfdom broken, the powers of arrogance repelled and the country virtually sequestered and saved from their clutches and from the clutches of their domestic puppets, I would like to recommend to the present and future generations not to slacken their efforts. Let the university men and the youth strengthen their links of friendship and mutual understanding with the clergy and the students of religious sciences. Never overlook the plotting of the perfidious enemy, provide counsel and guidance whenever you see someone trying to sow the seeds of discord and disunity. If your counsel to such individuals is not effective, turn away from them, isolate them and do not let their machinations and conspiracies take root as prevention is easier than cure. Students in both the theological schools and in the universities should be alert to the insidious propaganda diffused by their teachers and professors. As soon as you hear an instructor say or explain things in a manner that distorts the truth and tends to pervert the mind, reject him and turn him away from your classes. This suggestion is directed primarily toward the clergy and students of religious sciences in theological centres. Conspiracy in a university has a particular dimension and depth. Both categories of students, being the brains of the society, should beware such plotting.

e)- One of the most effective conspiracies that has, unfortunately, left an indelible mark on the nations, including our own, is the alienation of the peoples of colonised countries with their true selves. In other words 'Westerners" or 'Eastern block" peoples have become estranged with their own cultures and they have come to regard the peoples of the super-powers as being of races and cultures superior to their own. They look upon the super-powers as their Qiblah (direction to which Muslims face when saying daily prayers, i.e., the Kaaba in Mecca) and think that affiliation with one of the two poles of power is indispensable to themselves. The question has a long, sad story and the blows we have received and are still receiving from it are devastating and fatal. A most unhappy point is that the colonialists have bared the oppressed peoples under their rule from all progress and have turned them into consumer nations.

The colonial powers have so frightened us through their satanic might and advancement that we dare not venture into any initiatives. Rather, we have submitted our minds to them and placed our fates in their hands and have become their followers with our own eyes and ears shut. This vacuity and artificial mental inanity has prevented us from trusting in and relying on our own knowledge and thinking and made us blind followers of the East or the West. And whenever and wherever we did have and made manifest our own initiative, our own industry and culture these came under such heavy barrages of criticism and ridicule by Communist or Westernised writers and commentators that the net effect was to suppress our native abilities. Foreign customs and ways, no matter how trite, hackneyed or redundant, were promoted and propagated and imposed on nations through actions, words and eulogies. For example, if books contain a number of foreign words and terms they are accepted right away with wonder and awe regardless of their meaning. The writer of such a book is deemed erudite and broad-minded. Whatever is tinted with Western or Eastern terminology is good, noteworthy and a mark of progress and civilization. If elaborated in native terms, it is regarded as decadent.

... Our children whose names smack of foreign Western roots are honored and progressive. if they carry traditional names, then they are looked upon as retarded. Streets, alleys, firms, drugstores libraries, textile materials, and other commodities, if manufactured locally, should have foreign names so that people may be pleased with them and receive them well. Manifesting Western ways in all facets of life and in all aspects of social intercourse is cause for pride and regarded as tokens of civilization and progress. Meanwhile, traditional modes of conduct and customs are deemed as retrograde and ancestor-worshiping. Going abroad for treatment of minor ailments that are easily cured at home is the thing to do, disappointing our own scientists and physicians.

Making a trip to England, France, U.S.A or Moscow enhances one's dignity while going to Mecca to perform the Hajj or visiting other holy shrines is considered backward and old fashioned. Disregard for all that is related to religion and morality is a sign of open-mindedness and civilisation whereas commitment to these issues is a sign of being backward and antiquated. I do not say that we have everything. In the course of recent history especially during the recent decades we have been deprived of any progress. The treacherous statesmen of the Pahlavi regime and their propaganda belittled every domestic product, created inferiority complexes in us and withheld all means for advancement. The importation of all types of goods and commodities from abroad provided channels for our young men and women and specially our youth to preoccupy themselves with such trivial things. They became engaged in childish competitions and pursuits with imported objects as toilet articles, and games of chance. At the same time they became consumers of such things as well as items of luxury which has a long, sad story. No effort was spared in diverting the attention and the minds of our youth from thinking about their own fate and the destiny of their country.

And, now that the Iranian nation is to a large extent freed from such traps and the deprived generations have risen to the occasion to create and build, at their own initiative commodities many examples of which we witnessed such as aircraft spare part that all thought could not be manufactured locally and all hands were extended to East or West for such items. This is because economic blockade and the compelling conditions of the imposed war ...(63) made their domestic production without assistance of foreign experts possible. Such items were produced more economically and they satisfied our needs. Our people have proved that they can do things if they want to.

Our people should be alert and watchful lest the East or West affiliated politician draw us back towards the international pilfers. Take decisive action to do away with all dependencies. Be sure that the Aryan or Arab races are in no way less endowed than the Europeans, American or Russian races. If we succeed in finding our true selves and not let despair overtake us and rely on ourselves and expect nothing of others, we shall be able, in the long run, to do and make everything. This is possible provided you rely c Almighty Allah and yourselves and sever all dependency( on others. Moreover, you should work hard to achieve a honourable life and escape the influence and domination c others. It is incumbent on the authorities both in the present and the future governments to cherish and appreciate their experts and specialists and encourage them through moral and material support to make initiatives. It is necessary that harmful consumer goods be not imported. Let the people (do with what they have until they can make everything themselves. I ask the youth, boys and girls not to compromise their freedom, independence and human values for luxury, pleasure-seeking and other vices that are( offered to you by the corrupt agents of the West or the East Experience has taught us that they think of nothing expect your degeneration, your indifference toward your own destinies and the fate of your country, control of your natural resources, your consumer potential, your dependence, in short your colonisation and exploitation This is one reason they try to keep us in a state of backwardness and underdevelopment and, as they say, a semi-primitive men.