This book is a translation of the original Arabic book called " Al-Malhoof Ala Katla Al-Tofoof " which is a brief, and short story of the battle of Karbala.The author of the original Arabic book is named "Al-Sayed ibn Tawoos" who is a descendent of Ali ibn Abi-Talib (A.S.).The author lived in Iraq and died at year664 A.H. at Baghdad.


††††† I dedicate this little work to the pure soul of Imam Husein ibn Ali (A.S.).I hope that this translation helps the peoples of earth to know some aspects of the master of martyrs, Imam Husein (A.S.).The infallible imam who taught the people the finest lessons of declining unfairness, bravery, generosity, nobility, and patience.





The slave of Allah, the servant of Al-Husein (A.S.),The man who needs the intercession of Al-Husein (A.S.) at the judgment day


Dr. Mohammad Al-Sharkawy

Egypt-Alexandria, June 2007.




















1-     The last messenger Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) said:" Al-Hasan and Al-Husein are two imams, whether they rise up or not".

2-     The last messenger Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) said:" Al-Hasan and Al-Husein are my two roses, Al-Hasan and Al-Husein are my sons, Al-Hasan and Al-Husein are the two pleasures of my eyes, Al-Hasan and Al-Husein are the two fruits of my heart ".

3-     The last messenger Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) said:" Al-Hasan and Al-Husein are the lords of youth of heaven's people".

4-     The last messenger Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) said:" Al-Husein is from me, and I am from Husein, May Allah love one who loves Al-Husein ".

5-     The last messenger Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) said:" Al-Husein is the light of guidance, and the ship of survival".



1-      Al-Mahatama Ghandy the famous Indian leader said:" I learned from Al-Husein (A.S.) to be victorious although I am defeated"

2-      Cesar the Roman Emperor who lived at the days of the battle of Karbala said:" If Al-Husein (A.S.) belonged to us, we would have raised a flag for him in every city, we would have set a stage for him in every town, and we would have called all the peoples to Christianity in the name of Al-Husien (A.S.)



1-     The head of Imam Husein (A.S.) recited the holy Quraan while it was raised on the spear

2-     Imam Husein (A.S.) threw his fine blood towards the sky and not even one drop fell on the ground

3-     The sky rained blood at Ashoora (the tenth day of Al-Moharram when Imam Husein (A.S.) got killed), every vessel of the people got filled with blood, and the traces of the blood remained on the clothes for a long period.The redness of the sky at sunset appeared that day, while it never appeared before

4-     Liquid blood was found beneath every stone that day

5-     When the head of Imam Husein (A.S.) was entered the palace of kingdom, the walls secreted blood

6-     When Al-Husein (A.S.) was killed the sky became red for severaldays

7-     The horizons of the sky became red for six months after Karbala

8-     There was no redness in the sky before the martyrdom of Al-Husein (A.S.), no roman woman menstruated except with intolerable pain so the roman king wrote to the Moslem king: what terrible deed you have done, you either killed a prophet or a son of prophet

9-     The sky wept only for two: Yahya ibn Zakariya and Al-Husein ibn Ali.The redness is the sign of its weeping

10- When Al-Husein got killed, an eclipse occurred and the people saw the stars moving turbulently, striking each other so the people thought it is the resurrection day

11- When Al-Husein got killed, the sky became very dark and remained many days like that, also red dust fell on the earth

12- A bar of bright light was seen to rise from the head of Al-Husein (A.S.) to the upper skies

13- Every stone raised at Al-Sham was found to have liquid blood beneath it.

14- A bird fell on the blood of Imam Husein (A.S.) and covered it's body by the blood then it flied towards Al-Madina, and fell inthe house of Fatima bint Al-Husein

15- It was found in some churches a stone which has a script writtenabout a thousands years before Karbala.This script says: How can a nation which killed Al-Husein (A.S.) hope to obtain the intercession of his grandfather at the resurrection day.





The birth of Imam1 Husein2 (A.S.) was on the fifth of Shaaban3, at year four (A.H)4.However, it wasalso said on the third of Shaaban, and the last days of Rabee Awal5 at yearthree, and other dates were also stated.


Om6 Al-Fadl, wife of Al7-Abbas said: "I saw a vision when I was sleeping, before his birth, as if a piece of flesh was cut the from the prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.)8 and put between my arms". I expressed this vision to theprophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) who said " what you saw is good, if your vision is true then Fatima (A.S)9 will give birth to a boy and I will deliver him to you in order to breast feed him". This vision latter on turned out to be true.


One day, she said, I brought Imam Husein (A.S.) to prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.), while prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was kissing Imam Hussein (A.S.)he urinated, and a drop wetted the clothes of the prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.). I squeezed Imam Husein (A.S.) so he cried, then the prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said as if he was angry " slow down Om Al-Fadl, this clothes can be washed, and you hurt my son ".She said: I left him between the arms of prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).I went to bring water to find the prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) weeping!. I said why are you crying?He said: " Gabriel10 (A.S.) came to me and informed me that my nation will kill my son, May Allah11 forbid them my intercession at the judgment day ".


††††††††††† The tellers said, when one year passed after the birth of Husein (A.S.), twelve angels descended onprophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H), one had an shape of a lion, the second had the shape of an bull, the third had an shape of a dragon, and the fourth had an shape of a man, and the remaining eight angles had different shapes.These angels were all red faced, crying, and had deployed their wings and saying: " Oh prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H), what happened to Habil12 by Kabil13 will happen to your son Husein (A.S.), and he will be rewarded like Habil, and his killer will be loaded with the sins like that of Kabil ".


Also, every great angle of the heavens descended to prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H), saluting him and offering condolences, informing him with his good payback, and showing him his martyrdom's soil.All this, and the prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) saying: " Oh Allah, let down (fail) those whose let him down, kill those who killed him, and prevent them from enjoying what they wanted ".


The tellers said, when two years passed after the birth of Husein (A.S.), the prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) carried out a travel, he stopped during the way, he said: " Allah owns us, and we will return to him", and his eyes were immersing tears intensively.The prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was asked for the reason of crying, and he answered: " This is Gabriel (A.S.) informing me that my son Husein ibn14 Fatima15 (A.S.) we be killed nearby the shore of Euphrates, at a land called Karbala".The prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was asked: who will kill him? He answered: "A wicked man called Yazid16, and as if I am looking to the place of his death, and his place of burry ".


Then prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) returned from his travel upset, he raised over the stage, made a speech, and advised, while the Hasan17 and Husein between his arms.The prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H), after finishing the speech put his right arm over the head of the Imam Hasan (A.S.), and the left arm over the head of the Imam Husein (A.S.), then he raised his head towards the heavens and said " My Allah!, Mohammad is your slave and your messenger, and these two are the best of my family , the finest of my children, and my premium originals, and those two treasures I leave them behind me in my nation, and Gabriel (A.S.) informed me that my son Imam Husein (A.S.) will be killed and let down (failed).May Allah! Bless his death and make him one of the masters of martyrs, May Allah!, do not bless his killer, and who lets him down (does not support him) ".


The teller said: the people in the mosque cried with load voices! So the prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said: " How do you cry for him and let him down (abandon his support)? "


††††††††††† Then prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) returned red faced, with changed color and made a speech saying: " Oh People, I have left within you the two precious entities, Allah's book, and my family.These are my premium origin, my water mixture, and my heart's fruit, and my soul.†† These two entities will never separate until they come back to me together at the bath.Indeed, I wait for them. I donít ask but what my Allah ordered meto ask you: the true love for my relatives.Look, donít meet me tomorrow at the bath and you did hate, disliked my family, persecuted them, and killed them.


Three flags belonging to this nationwill come to me at the judgment day:

The first is dark and black, which the angels are frightened from.I ask them, who are you? so they forget me and answer: we are the Arabs who believed that Allah is only one, so I tell them: I am Ahmad; the prophet of Arabs and non-Arabs! So they say we are your nation Ahmad. So I ask them: How did you treat my family, and your Allah's book after I left you? They answer: we did loss the book, and your family we made sure to eliminate them, to the last one of them, over the surface of earth. So I turn over my face off them, and they return thirsty, black faced.


Then, another flag more black than the first one comes to me, and I ask them: How did you treat, after I left, the two precious entities, the greater and the minor, which are Allah's book and my family? They answer, we disobeyed the greater one, while the minor one we let them down (abandoned support when needed), and cut them into pieces. So I say: go away, and they return thirsty, and blacked faced.


Then a third flag comes to me with bright faces which emit light, and I ask them who are you? They answer we are those who unified Allah (believed that Allah is only one) and feared him, we are the nation of prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H), we are the rest of the rightfulpeople, we took Allah's book, we allowed what was allowed, and we prohibited what was prohibited, and we loved the descendants of prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H), so we supported them and fought their enemies. So I tell them, be happy, I am your prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H), and you were in the lower life as you described, then I give them water from my bath to drink, so they return non-thirsty, and pleased, then they enter heaven eternally and for ever non-mortal".


††††††††††† The teller said: people used to recall and talk about the killing of Husein (A.S.), also they considered it a great sin and anticipated it.


††††††††††† When Moawiya18 died at Ragab19 on year sixty (A.H.), Yazid ibn Moawiya wrote to Al-Walid ibn Otba who was his governor of Al-Madina ordering him either to make Imam Husein (A.S.) swearfidelity to Yazid or kill him and send his head to him. Then Al-Walid called for his counselor Marwan ibn Al-Hakam to discuss the matter of Imam Husein (A.S.).Marwan told Al-Walid that Imam Husein (A.S.) will never accept, and if I was in place of you I would cutoff his head, then Al-Walid said I wish I was nothing significant.


Latter on, Al-Walid sent for the Imam Husein (A.S.) who came with accompany of thirty men of his family and loyal followers (Shia20).Then Al-Walid mourned Moawiya and asked Imam Husein (A.S.) to swear loyalty to Yazid.The Imam Husein (A.S.) replied: " Oh Prince, swearing loyalty cannot take place in secrecy but if you invite the people tomorrow then invite me as well".Marwan said donít accept his excuse and once he refuses cutoff his head.This words made Imam Husein (A.S.) angry and said: " Allah curse you son of the blue woman, you command that my head to be cutoff, I swear to Allah, you lied and you became of low value".Then Imam Husein (A.S.) talked to Al-Walid saying: " Oh Prince, we are the house of prophecy, the mine of the message, and the port of angels, Allah opened by us, and Allah finishes by us, and Yazid is a man who disobeys Allah, drinks wine, killer of the respected soul, who declares non believing, and should not have this rank, and men like me should not swear loyalty to men like him, but you and we wait and see and look who is rightful to be the caliph".


Then, Imam Husein (A.S.) went out and Marwan said to Al-Walid you disobeyed me, and Al-Walid replied: " Go to hell, you recommended what makes me lose my religion and my lower life, I swear to Allah I hate to rule the whole world if it costs me to kill Imam Husein (A.S.), I swear to Allah that any one sheds the blood of Imam Husein (A.S.) meets Allah with light weight, and Allah does not look to him, and does not bless him and prepares a very painful torture to him".


††††††††††† In the mourning Imam Husein (A.S.) came out to listen to the news, and he met Marwan by the way who said to Imam Husein (A.S.): I am your advisor so obey me in order to become wise.So Imam Husein (A.S.) said: " and what is that, say so I can hear", so Marwan said: " I advise you to swear loyalty to Yazid because it is better for your religion and lower life". Then Imam Husein (A.S.) said: " Allah owns us and we will return to him, and farewell to Islam if the nation is ruled by a leader like Yazid, and I heard my grand father prophet Mohammad (A.S) saying " The family of Abu-Sofyan are not allowed to be caliphs, caliphate is prohibited for Bani21-Omaya", and a long conversation between them happened, and Marwan went away angry.


††††††††††† In the next day which was the third of Shaaban, Imam Husein (A.S.) traveled to Mecca, and stayed there the rest of Shaaban, till Zo-Alkeda22.There Imam Husein (A.S.) was visited by Abdallah ibn Abbas, and Abdallah ibn Zobeir who advised Imam Husein (A.S.) not to rise up, and to avoid revolution.Imam Husein (A.S.) replied them: " Allah's messenger Mohammad (P.B.U.H) commanded me to do some matter, and I will accomplish what I was ordered ".Then Abdallah ibn Abbas came out from Imam Husein (A.S.) saying: " Oh Husein".Latter on, Abdallah ibn Omar came to Imam Husein (A.S.) advising him to make truce with the wicked people and warning him about fight.Then Imam Husein replied Him: " Father of Abdel Rahman, donít you know that what proves that the lower life is so cheap is that the head of the prophet Yahya ibn Zakariya (A.S.) was presented as a gift to a whore belonging to Israel's children, donít you know that Israel's children used to kill about seventy prophets daily from sunrise to sunset!.Then they used to continue they ordinary life, trading as if nothing happened!. However, Allah did not punish them immediately but he delayed his reaction until he took them with his mighty power.Fear Allah father of Abdel Rahman and donít abandon my support at time of need (donít fail me, donít' let me down)".


††††††††††† The people of Al-Kofa heard about Imam's Husein arrival at Mecca and that he refused to swear loyalty to Yazid, so they gathered at the home of Soliman ibn Sorad Al-Khozaey who made a speech: " Oh followers and supporters (Shia) of Imam Ali ibn Abi23-Talib, you have knew that Moawiya has died and that his son has replaced him in power, and that Imam Husein (A.S.) has refused the dominance of Yazid, and that he is now a refugee at Mecca in escape from the tyrants of the family of Abu-Sofyan.You are his followers as you were the followers ofhis father before, and today he needs your support and backup.So if you know that you will support him and fight his enemies inform him so, and if you fear the loss and weakness then donít deceive the man".


They wrote to Imam Husein (A.S.):


"In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate


From Soliman ibn Sorad, Al-Mossayab ibn Nagba, Refaah ibn Shaddad, Habib ibn Mozaher, Abdallah ibn Wael, and the rest of his (Shia) followers..


Allah greets you, Praises to Allah who broke the enemy of you and your father, that tyrant, mighty, wrongful, wicked person who illegallytook from this nation leadership, illegallytook from this nation her income, illegallybecame its president, and who killed the finest men of this nation and kept its worst men, and made the revenue of the nation exclusive to its bad men, so may Allah curse him as Allah cursed the nation of Thamood.


After that, we have no Imam but you, come to us in order to be gathered justly by you.Al-Noaman ibn Al-Mogeera is at the kingdom palace and we donít get gathered with him nor in prayers nor in Gomaa24, nor we exit with him in festivals. If we know that you will come to us we will reject him outside to Al-Sham(Syria).


Greetings of Allah upon you, his mercy, and his blessing oh son of Allah's messenger, and on your father before, and there is no power and no ability except from Allah who is the greatest Lord".


Eventually, they sent the message, also, groups of two, three, or four men sent about one hundred and fifty message to Imam Husein (A.S) asking him to come to Al-Kofa, and Imam Husein (A.S.) remained waiting.One day Imam Husein (A.S) received six hundred message, and people of Al-Kofa continued to send messages to Imam Husein (A.S.) until its count reached twelve thousand message!.


Then Hani ibn Hani Al-Sobaey and Said ibn Abdallah Al-Hanafy came to Imam Husein (A.S) at Mecca with this last message:


"In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate

To Imam Husein ibn Ali prince of believers (A.S.)

From his followers (Shia) and the followers of his father

People are waiting for you, they accept no one but you, do come quickly son of Allah's messenger, now is the time of harvest of crops, the fruitsare now of complete growth, the trees are green, and the earth is full of grass. Do come to us because you are coming to prepared soldiers.

Greetings of Allah upon you, his mercy, and his blessing Oh son of Allah's messenger"


Imam Husein (A.S.) asked Hani ibn Hani Al-Sobaey and Said ibn Abdallah Al-Hanafy who else wrote this message, they answered: Sibsh ibn Ribey, Hagr ibn Abgar, Yazid ibn Al-Harith, Yazid ibn Roweem, Orwa ibn Kais, Amr ibn Al-Hagag, Mohammad ibn Omeer ibn Atared.Then, Imam Husein (A.S.) stood up and made a prayer between the corner and the stage of Al-Kaaba, and asked Allah the guidance.Then, Imam Husein (A.S.) called for his cousin, Moslem ibn Akeel,and informed him the status, and wrote a reply with him to the people of Al-Kofa telling them that he is coming and that he has sent Moslem ibn Akeel as his ambassador to asses the situation.


††††††††††† Moslem traveled to Al-Kofa whose people welcomed him, and received him with clear happiness.Moslem became a guest at Al-Mokhtar ibn Abi-Obaida Al-Thakafy, and the followers (Shia) of Imam Husein (A.S.) used to visit Moslem.When, a group gathered at Moslem, he declared to them the message of Imam Husein (A.S.) and they heard it crying, and so about eighteen thousand men swore loyalty to him.


Then, Abdallah ibn Moslem Al-Bahily, Omara ibn Al-Walid, and Omar ibn Saad wrote to Yazid informing him what happened and asking him to dismiss the governor of Al-Kofa who was Al-Noman ibn Basheer. Then, Yazid ordered Obeid Allah ibn Ziyad, who was his governor of Al-Basra,to join Al-Kofa to his administrate, and asked him strongly to kill Moslim Ibn Akeel and put an end to the growing revolution. Consequently, Obaid Allah ibn Ziyad prepared himself to travel to Al-Kofa.


Imam Husein (A.S.) sent a message, with one of his servants named Soliman (also known as Abo-Razeen), to the nobles of Al-Basra, as Yazid ibn Al-Garood Al-Nahshaly, and Al-Mozir ibn Abi Al-Garrod Al-Abdy.In this message, Imam Husein (A.S.) asked from the people of Al-Basra their support, backup, and obedience.


Then Yazid ibn Abi-Garood gathered the tribes of Bani-Tameem, Bani-Hanzala, and Bani-Saad, and said to them: " Oh Bani-Tameem, how do you find my position, and rankin between you". They replied: " Yes, Yes, We swear to Allah, you are the head of pride and the solid column of back, you are very respectable and very honorable". He then said: " I gathered you to consult you, and I ask for your help". They said: " we advise you and give you our best opinion, so say what do you want " .


Yazid ibn Masood said: "Moawiya has died, and indeed he was a dirty,evil man.Now, the door of unjust and sins has been broken, and the corners of unfairness has been weakened. Moawiya carried out an illegal transition of power to his wicked son.Moawiya thought that what he designed is firm but no, that is so far, he made his best but he failed.His wicked son, Yazid, drinks wine and is the head of evil, also he is of very low knowledge and is so ignorant and knows so little of truth, and claims to be the caliph, and how come, the nation is dissatisfied. I swear to Allah, fighting this wicked man for the sake of religion is better than fighting the non-believers.This is Imam Husein ibn Ali (A.S.), the son of daughter of the Allah's messenger (P.B.U.H), who is of genuinehonor, and of authentic opinion.Husein ibn Ali (A.S.) has nobility which can not be described, and unlimited science, and he is more suitable for caliphate due to his age, previous good deeds, and his relationship. He feels mercy to children and is kind to senates.Indeed he is the finest ruler and best Imam.The proof of Allah is obligatory by him, and his advise is clear by him.Donít be blind of the light of truth.Donít fall in the hole of falsehood.Sakhr ibn Kais made you failures at the day of Al-Gamal, so wash your previous disgrace by supporting the son of Allah's messenger.I swear to Allah, the man who fails him, and refuses to support him, Allah will inherit him humiliation in his children and limitation in his tribe.Now, I did wear the suit of war, and put on its armor, one who does not get killed dies, and who escapes can not reach safety. Make your good reply, may Allah mercy you".


Bani-Hanzala replied: "We are your arrows, and the knights of your tribe, if you strike by us you win, and if invade by us you conquer, you never get into a fight except with us, and you never face hard matter except with us, we support you with our swords, and protect you by our bodies, so rise up to what to want"


Bani Saad replied: " The thing which we most hate is to deflect away from you, and disobey you, and Sakhr ibn Kais ordered us to leave fighting so we thanked Allah and we still have dignity, so give us some time for consultation"


Bani Amir ibn Tameem replied: " Oh father of Khaled, we are your allies and your brothers, we do not accept your anger and we do not settlewhen you travel, and it is your command,do call us and you will find our immediate response, and do command us and you will see our full obedience, and the word is yours".


Eventually, Yazid ibn Masood said: " I swear to Allah Bani Saad, if you do it (fail as before) Allah's sword will be for ever over you, and your sword will be for ever in between you".Then he wrote to Imam Husein (A.S.):

" In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate


I have received your message and understood what you called me for,which is obedience, and support, and that Allah has always on earth a good doer and a guide to the way of survival, and you are Allah's proof on his creatures, and his deposit on his earth, you have branched from a fine origin, the messenger Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) is it's basis and you are the it's branch, Do come to us, may Allah bless you as I made Bani Tameem so obedientto you than the thirsty camels when approaching water to drink, also I prepared the necks of Bani Saad and washed out the dirt of their hearts with purest water of clouds till it became shiny".


When Imam Husein (A.S.) read the message he asked Allah to be merciful with him and prayed for his safety on the Resurrectionday.After few days, Imam Husein knew that Yazid ibn Masood has been killed.On the other hand, Al-Monzir ibn Abi-Garood, took the messenger and the message to Obaid Allah ibn Ziyad, as Al-Monzir thought that the message could be a trick of ibn Ziyad, so ibn Ziyad tore the messenger, note that Bahriya bint Al-Monzir was a wife of ibn Ziyad.Ibn Ziyad raise over the stage and threatened the people of Al-Basra and promised them bad outcomes if they rise up against Yazidibn Moawiya.After sunrise, he traveled to Al-Kofa leaving power to his brother Osman.


When ibn Ziyad entered Al-Kofa at night its people thought that he was Imam Husein (A.S.) so they were happy until they knew that he was ibn Ziyad so they dispersed away. Obeid Allah ibn Ziyad then entered the palace of administrate and in the mourning he raised over the stage and warned people of Al-Kofa from terrible results if they rise up against Yazid and promised them pleasant gifts if they remain loyal to him.


When Moslem ibn Akeel heard about these recent events he became afraid to be betrayed from the people of Al-Kofa so he asked for shelter at the home of Hani ibn Orwa who welcomed him, and offered to defend him against ibn Ziyad who recruited many spies to detect the location of Moslem ibn Akeel. When ibn Ziyad knew that ibn Akeel is a guest of Hani ibn Orwa he called for Mohammad ibn Al-Ashaas, and Asmma ibn Khariga, and Amr ibn Al-Hagag, and asked them: " what preventsHani ibn Orwa from visiting me?". They answered: " he is ill". Ibn Ziyad said: " I know that, also I know that he has recovered otherwise I would have visited him.Tell ibn Orwa he has to visit me because he is a noble man and the chief of his tribe".So these three men came to the house of Hani and asked for the reason preventing him from visiting the governor ibn Ziyad who if knows you are ill he will visit you.Hani answered: " I am ill ", they replied: "Ibn Ziyad is worried about you not visiting him, and this makes him suspicious as you are the chief of your tribe".Then Hani wore his clothes and went to ibn Ziyad with them, but near the palace he felt afraid, and asked Asmaa:" what do you assume is going to happen? indeed I am afraid of that man".Asmaa answerd: " My uncle there is nothing to be afraid of ", and Asmaa did not know what ibn Ziyad was planning to do.††


When they all met ibn Ziyad, ibn Ziyad said: "the betrayer has came, during the presence of Shuraih the judge, he said the poem:


I want him to live and he wants my death** what excuse of your friend he plans


Hani asked ibn Ziyad: "what do mean my prince?" Ibn Ziyad said: "what are you preparing in your house, you provided shelter for ibn Akeel and you are collecting men and weapons, do you think I am not aware of what you carrying out?" Hani said: " I did nothing of that", Ibn Ziyad said: " Indeed you did ".Then ibn Ziyad called for his head of spies which was Makil his servant who knew many of his secrets.When Hani saw Makil he said: " I was shy to reject ibn Akeel as he asked my hospitality, but as you hate my deed then let me get out and ask ibn Akeel to flee to any other land".

Ibn Ziyad said: you will never leave except if you deliver ibn Akeel to me!. Hani answered: " I will never do so, how can I deliver you my guest to kill him?" Ibn Ziyad Said: I swear to Allah you will deliver him to me, Hani Said: " I swear to Allah I will never do so ".


After a long conversation Moslem said: "My prince ibn Ziyad let me talk to Hani", so he took him to a corner in the room so that ibn Ziyad can watch them and said to Hani:" for Allah's sake donít kill yourself and bring trouble to your tribe".This man is the cousin of ibn Akeel and he will not kill him nor harm him, and you are only delivering him to the prince.Hani Said: " I swear to Allah, this is shame and disgrace, I deliver my guest, and the ambassador of the son of Allah's messenger to his enemy while I am healthy with two undamaged hands, and with many supporters, I swear to Allah, if I was only one with no supporters I would never fail him, and I would die defending him ".


Ibn Ziyad heard the conversation and said bring me Hani, and said to him:" I swear to Allah you deliver me ibn Akeel or I will cutoff your head".Hani answered: "Then many swords will surround you ".Ibn Ziyad said: "you warn me by swords", then he hit fiercely Hani's face by a iron bar till he became badly wounded, with blood all over his face, broken nose, and sliced flesh of face.Hani tried unsuccessfully to pick a sword from a guard and ibn Ziyad shouted: Lock him in one of the rooms of the palace and set guards at the door.


Then Asmma said to ibn Ziyad what you did is awful, you ordered us to bring you that man to smash his face and beat him badly till blood covers his face.Ibn Ziyad became angry from this words and ordered to beat Asmaa and lock him as well.Then Asmaa said: "Allah owns us and we will return to him, I present sympathy to your soul Hani".


Meantime Amr ibn Al-Hagag, who was married from Rowiha daughter of Hani, heard that Hani has been killed so he gathered the tribe of Mizhig and came to the palace of ibn Ziyad and shouted:" I am Amr ibn Al-Hagag and these are the knights of Mizhig, we are still loyal to Yazid, and we heard that our chief has been killed".Then ibn Ziyad ordered Shuraih the Judge to see Hani and inform the tribe Mizhig that their chief is alive.Shuraih the judge did so and the tribe Mizhig believed that and dispersed!.Ibn Akeel heard about these events so he gathered his followers to fight ibn Ziyad.During the fight near the palace of governorship , the soldiers of ibn Ziyad used to warn the followers of ibn Akeel that numerous soldiers from Al-Sham are in the way to Al-Kofa.However, fighting continued till night, and the followers of ibn Akeel dispersed gradually, the followers of ibn Akeel said to each other: why we hurry up to afflict and trouble, we have to wait in our homes till Allah fixes between these people!. At the mourning, only ten followers were remaining with ibn Akeel, at sunset, after he prayed, he found himself single, and deserted!.


Ibn Akeel walked lonely in the streets of Al-Kofa till he reached a house of a woman called Tawa.In the beginning he asked her some water to drink, then he asked for shelter and she accepted.Her son informed ibn Ziyad who sent a group of soldiers under the command of Mohammad ibn Al-Ashaas to capture ibn Akeel.Ibn Akeel heard the sounds of the coming knights so he put on his armor and fought bravely defending himself.During the fight ibn Akeel killed several soldiers so ibn Al-Ashaas shouted: Ibn Akeel stop fighting you are safe!.Ibn Akeel replied: "how can the wrong doers offer safety " and continued fighting saying the poem comprised bythe poet Hamran ibn Malik Al-Khasaamy:


I swore not to be killed but as a free man**even if I see death ugly

I hate to be deceived or cheated**or I mix cold by warm non tasty

Every man one day meets evil**-I hit and fear no harm


The soldiers said you wont be cheated but he did not believe them and continued fighting until he became surrounded and outnumbered.Eventually, Moslem ibn Akeel was wounded severely and finally he was stroke and fell down and was taken as a prisoner to Obaid Allah ibn Ziyad.The guards ordered Moslem ibn Akeel to salute ibn Ziyad and he answered: "Allah curse you, he is not my prince".Ibn Ziyad said: "never mind, whether you salute or not you will be killed!".Ibn Akeel said: "it does not matter, men worse than you have killed mean better than me, you really deserve bad manners, bad killing, bad sovereigntyrather than any one else". Ibn Ziyad said: "you naughty disobedient man, you raised against your prince and dispersed the order of Moslems and put fitna between them. Ibn Akeel said: "you lied ibn Ziyad, the one who dispersed the order of Moslems is Moawiya and his son Yazid, and fitna was ignited by you and your father Ziyad Al-Thakafy.I hope that Allah grants me martyrdom by the hands of his worse creature". Ibn Ziyad said: "you wished something Allah did not permit it, and Allah decided that you are not qualified, and gave it to whom is qualified".Ibn Akeel Asked: "who are the qualified persons son of Mergana?". Ibn Ziyad said: "the qualified man is Yazid ibn Moawiya".Ibn Akeel said: "thanks for Allah, we accept Allah to judge between you and me ".Ibn Ziyad said: do you think that you have some right to prevail".Ibn Akeel replied: "it's not thought, it's certainty".Ibn Ziyad said: "tell me ibn Akeel why did you cone to this town while its order is firm, to scatter its regime and diverse the words of the Moslems". Ibn Akeel answered: "I did not come for that reason, but you exposed wrong deeds, and buried good deeds, and became presidents with no consentof the nation, and forced the nation unlike Allah's orders, and imitated the deeds of the kings of Persia and Rome, so we came to order good deeds and advise the nation to be aware of bad deeds, and call them to the judge of Allah and his blessed messenger Mohammad (P.U.H), and we were qualifiers for that as the messenger of Allah declared".So ibn Ziyad insulted him, and Ali, and Hasan, and Husein (A.S.)!.Ibn Akeel said: "you are the one who deserves to be insulted, do what are going to do enemy of Allah".So ibn Ziyad ordered Bakr ibn Hemran to raise over the roof of the palace and kill him.


Ibn Hemran took ibn Akeel while he was praying, asking Allah's forgiveness, praising Allah and his messenger.His head was cut off, and ibn Hemran returned to the floor afraid and panic.Ibn Ziyad asked: "why are you panic?". Ibn Hemran replied: "while I was killing him I saw a black man of an ugly face biting his fingers so I felt great terror as never before".Ibn Ziyad said: "may be you was amazed".Then ibn Ziyad ordered Hani to be killed,Before his execution Hani used to say: "Oh Mizhig, where is my tribe?". They told him to lay down his neck but he said I could never help you to kill me, how can I be generous to offer you my neck? So a servant of ibn Ziyad named Rasheed stroke him by the sword and killed him.


The poet Farazdak said about the killing of Moslem and Hani:

If you donít know death---look to Moslem and Hani at the market

To a hero of smashed face---and another who they dropped his body from the roof

They were stroke by unfairness---and became tales of every street

You see a body which its color has changed by death---and blood flow intensely

A boy who was more shy --- than a shy girl

Can Asmaa move safely---and Mizhig was inquiring about him

Murad surrounding him--- every one asking

If you do not revenge your brother---be whores which accept the little


††††††††††† Ibn Ziyad informed Yazid about what happened to Moslem and Hani, and Yazid thanked him and ordered him to prepare for the arrival of Imam Husein (A.S.) to Al-Kofa by locking people on doubts.Before Imam Husein (A.S.) left Mecca to Al-Kofa he met two people from Iraq and they informed him that people of Iraq are weak and tend to Imam Husein (A.S) by their hearts while their swords are against him!.At that time, Imam Husein pointed his hand to the sky so the doors of the skies opened, and many angles who only Allah knows their number descended, and Imam Husein (A.S.) said: "if things were not coming together, and the approach of the instant, I would have fought them by these, but certainly I know that there is my death, and the death of my children and friends, no one survives except my son Ali".


††††††††††† It was said that when Imam Husein (A.S.) intended to travel to Iraq he made a speech:" Praises and thanks to Allah, what Allah decides will certainly occur, there is no ability except by Allah, Allah praises his messenger and his family, Death is evitable and certain to every descendant of Adamlike the ring embracing the neck of the girl,what made me anxious to my ancestors is that of Jacob to his son Joseph, a death was chosen for me, as if I see my pieces of body been cut by the wolves of the desert between Karbala and Al-Nawawees, and fill empty stomachs, and hungry bags, there is no escape from a day determined by the pen, the consent of Allah is our consent, we do be patient when tested so Allah rewards us, the piece of Allah's messenger will not diverse away, but it is collected for him at the holy location, so he becomes pleased and he fulfils his promise, The man ready to sacrifice himself for us, determined to meet Allah,may go out with us, because I am traveling tomorrow mourning if Allah's wills".


††††††††††† It was said that Mohammad ibn Al-Hanafiya, the brother of Imam Husein (A.S.), told him: "Dear brother, you know well that the people of Al-Kofa were not faithful to your father nor to your brother, and I fear that you find as they found, if you stay here in the Haram (the holy place Mecca) you are of full dignity".Imam Husein answered: " I am afraid to be assassinated by Yazid and become the first man to be killed in the Haram".Ibn Al-Hanafiya said: " then go to Al-Yaman or any other land where you can find safety".Imam Husein Said: " I will study that".Before dawn, Imam Husein (A.S.) traveled, however, Al-Hanafiya reached him while he was riding his camel and said to him: "didn't you promise me to study the matter". Imam Husein replied: " Yes, I did, but Allah's messenger told me during my sleep, My son, travel to Iraq because Allah wants to see you killed".Ibn Al-Hanafiya said: " Allah owns us and we will return to him ",then he asked Imam Husein (A.S.) why is he taking his women and children with him? Imam Husein said: "Allah wanted to see them captives"


During the travel of Imam Husein (A.S.) he passed by a place called Al-Tanaeem where he met the caravan of Boheer ibn Ressan Al-Himyary, Yazid's governor of Al-Yaman, so Imam Husein (A.S.) took the carriage because he is the legitimate caliph, and told the men who wants to come with us we will welcome him and well escort him, and who refuses we will pay for his accomplished work.Eventually, some accepted the offer while others refused.Then he reached a place called Zat-Erk, where he met Bishr ibn Ghalib coming from Iraq, and asked him about their people, and Bishr informed Imam Husein (A.S.) that he left their people whose hearts are with him but their swords are against him!.Imam Husein said: "The brother of bani-Asad said the truth, Allah does what he wants, and makes firm what he designs".Then Imam Husein (A.S.) reached a place called Al-Thalabiya near noon, where he slept for few minutes, and said:" I saw an angle saying you are walking to where the death is taking you to Heavens".So his son Ali asked: "Father, aren't we on right". Imam Husein said: "offcourse we are, I swear by Allah who creatures return to".Then his son Ali said: "then we never care of death", and Imam Husein replied to him:" May Allah good reward you, better than any father's reward due to his son".


In the mourning Imam Husein (A.S.) met a man called Abo-Hera, who saluted the Imam and asked for the reason which made him leave the Haram of Allah (prohibited land, holy land), and the Haram of his grandfather, Allah's messenger (A.S.).Imam Husein (A.S.) said to him: " dam you Abo-Hera, Bani-Omayya illegally took my money and I tolerated that, insulted my father and I tolerated that, and planned to kill me so I escaped, I swear to Allah that the group of wrong doers will kill me and Allah will punish them by overwhelming indignity, and sharp swords, and Allah will prevail who will humiliate them, till they become lower than the people of Sabaa26 who were ruled by a woman who governed themselves and their money till they were undignified".


Zoheir ibn Al-Kain and his accompany happened to travel to Iraq at the same time, however, they were always avoiding to meet Imam Husein (A.S.) until someday he had no choice except to share Imam Husein (A.S.) the same location. At that time, Imam Husein (A.S.) sent a messenger to Zoheir. He and his accompany got amazed as if birds lay on their heads.The wife of Zoheir whose name is Daylam bint27 Amr said to her husband: " Glory to Allah, how can you reject the invitation of Imam Husein (A.S.), go to him and hear his words". Zoheir went to meet Imam Husein (A.S.) and returned to his wife with a bright face and collected his carriage to join Imam Husein (A.S.) and told her: "you are divorced because I hate to harm you, do go to your family because I am going to escort Imam Husein (A.S.) and I will sacrifice myself defending him", then he gave her some money and delivered her to her cousins.His wife told him:" Allah has chosen the best for you, do remember me to Allah's messenger at the resurrection day".


Then Imam Husein (A.S.) traveled till he reached a place called Zibala where he knew about the martyrdom of Moslem.Consequently, some non loyal, greedy people abandoned Imam Husein (A.S.) and only the true shia (followers) remained.Eventually, they all cried for Moslem and many tears did flow from their eyes.


Then Imam Husein (A.S.) continued to accomplish what Allah ordered him to do, he met Al-Farazdak28 who asked Imam Husein: " How can you trust people of Al-Koufa, those who killed your cousin Moslem", so Imam Husein wept and said: " May Allah be merciful to Moslem, he went to Allah's pleasure and comfort, he accomplished his duty and we have to accomplish our duty", then Imam Husein (A.S.) said the poem:


If lower life is counted to be precious---then Allah's satisfaction is more expensive

If the bodies are created for death---then to be killed by a sword for Allah's sake is better

If useful things were previously divided---then few work to achieve useful things is better

If money is surely abandoned one day--- then why a man is not generous


††††††††††† Then, Imam Husein (A.S.) sent Kais ibn Moshir Al-Saydawy with a message to Soliman ibn Sorad, Al-Mosayab ibn Nagaba, Rifaa ibn Shada, and other shia, however, Kais was intercepted by Al-Hosayn ibn Nameer, the assistant of ibn Ziyad.Kais cut the message to pieces inspected before being inspected. ††Ibn Ziyad asked: " who are you", Kais replied: "I am one of the shia of the prince of believers Ali ibn Abi-Talib and his son (A.S)". Ibn Ziyad asked Kais: " why did you cut the message ?",Kais replied: " so that you can not know its content". Ibn Ziyad asked Kais: " who wrote the message and to whom", Kais replied: " from Imam Husein (A.S.) to some of his shia at Al-Koufa, and I donít know their names".Ibn Ziyad became angry from this answer and told him: " I swear to Allah, I will never release you unless you tell me their names, or you raise over the stage and insult Imam Husein (A.S.), his brother and his father or I will cut you into pieces".Kais said: " I will not tell you their names, but I will insult Imam Husein (A.S), his brother, and his father".Kais raised over the stage and praised Allah, thanked Allah, praised his messenger, and his holly family, and asked Allah's mercy for Ali ibn Abi-Talib and his blessed children, then he cursed ibn Ziyad, his father, and the wicked men of Bani-Omaya to the last one of them".Then Kais said: " People of Al-Koufa, I am the ambassador of Imam Husein (A.S.), he sent me to you, do respond to Imam Husein (A.S.), do support him, he is located at the certain place".Consequently, ibn Ziyad ordered to throw him from the top of the palace, and he fell down dead.Imam Husein (A.S.) was noted the death of Kais so he cried for him and prayed Allah: " My Allah, create for us and our shia a fine home, and collect us at the residence of your mercy, indeed, you are able to do everything".


††††††††††† Then Imam Husein (A.S.) traveled till he became only two stages away from Al-Koufa to meet suddenly Al-Hor ibn Yazid with a battalion of one thousand knights.Imam Husein (A.S.) asked Al-Hor: "are you with us or against us?", Al-Hor replied: "No, I am against you", then Imam Husein (A.S.) said: " there is no power nor ability except by Allah the supremely magnificent".After a long conversation Imam Husein said to Al-Hor:" If you are on the contrary of your messages and books I return back".Al-Hor refused saying: " No, you use a way which does not lead you to Al-Madina nor to Al-Koufa so that I have excuse for ibn Ziyad".Then Imam Husein traveled till he reached a place called Azeeb al-Haganat.


Ibn Ziyad knew what happened between him and Imam Husein (A.S.) so he blamed him and ordered him to surround him.Imam Husein said to Al-Hor:" why are you surrounding us, didn't you tell me you are free to go away from Al-Koufa and Al-Madina".Al-Hor replied: " Yes, I did, but Ibn Ziyad ordered me so, and he put spies to watch me".


††††††††††† Then Imam Husein (A.S.) made a speech to his friends:" You have seen the events, the lower life has changed and its good has went away, nothing of it remains except what is like the little bitter water in a tank, and cheap life like that of the bad pasture, donít you see the right abandoned, and bad deeds not denied, let the faithful intend to meet his lord rightfully. I do not see deathbut happiness, and life with the unfair people but loss".


Zoheir ibn Al-Kain said:" we heard your speech, Allah has guided us by you, if we were to live eternally, and if the lower life was to be everlasting, we would prefer the revolution under your flag".Hilal ibn Nafaa Al-Bagaly said:" we do not hate to meet our lord, we are strict to our wills and visions, we support your friends and we fight your enemies".Borair ibn Hosayn said: " It is a great divine favor to fight your enemies, and to be cut into pieces defending you, so that we deserve the intercession of your grandfather at the day of resurrection".


Then Imam Husein (A.S.) some times traveled, and some times were prevented till he reached Karbala on the second of Al-Moharram28.Imam Husein (A.S.) asked about the name of this place and they told him its called Karbala, then he said:" base a camp here, here where we lay down our carriage, here where our blood is shed, here where we are buried, I swear to Allah, here where our women are taken as prisoners, this is what my grandfather told me".


††††††††††† Imam Husein (A.S.) prepared his sword saying the poem:


Oh Time, what a bad friend you are---how many you take between sunrise and sunset

How many wanted men and killed men--- the time does not accept substitutes

Order only returns to Allah---every living being takes its way

The promise is so close to departure--- to heavens and good residence


Zeinab bint Fatima (A.S.) heard Imam Husein (A.S.), and said: "Dear brother, this is words show that you are certain of being killed". Imam Husein (A.S.) said: " yes, dear sister".Zeinab said:" oh my disaster, oh my brother Husein", t hen the women cried, hit their faces, and tore their shirts.Om Kolsoom said:" Oh Mohammad, Oh Ali, Oh Fatima, Oh Hasan, Oh Husein".Imam Husein said:" dear sister, accept Allah's condolences, habitants of heavens do not die, while habitants of earth do not last for ever, and every creature dies".


††††††††††† Then Imam Husein said to his sisters:" You Zienab, you Fatima, and you Rokayya, Look when I get killed, donít tore your shirts, donít scratch your faces, donít say anything wrong".It was also said that when Zeinab (A.S.) heard the poem of Imam Husein (A.S.) she came out of the tent saying: " Oh my disaster, oh my intolerable pain, I wish I was dead before, today my mother Zahraa30 died, today my father Mortada31 died, and my brother Hasan the noble died".Imam Husein said to his sister:" Dear sister, donít lose your mind".She said:" brother, you worth my father and mother, will you be killed, my soul is a sacrifice for you".Tears came out from the eyes of Imam Husein (A.S.) and he said: " that's so far, if the cats were left it would sleep".She said:" then you will be subjected to unjust, and unfairness, that is more painfulfor my heart", then she tore her shirt and fell down unconscious.Imam Husein (A.S.) poured water on her face till she recovered her conscious, and expressed his sympathy, and remembered her with the disaster of the death of her grandfather, the Allah's messenger, and the death of her father, the prince of believers, Allah praise them all.


††††††††††† A possible reason for the taking Imam's Husein (A.S.) women and children with him is that Yazid, Allah curse him, could have captured them, and treat them badly which could diverse Imam Husein (A.S.) from his divine revolution, and prevent him from Jihad (holy fight) and martyrdom.










††††††††††† Then ibn Ziyad called his followers to fight Imam Husein (A.S.), also he bought the afterlife of ibn Saad for his lower life.Ibn Saad was in command of four thousands nights, and enemy troops gathered around Imam Husein (A.S.) till they reached, on the sixth of Moharram, twenty thousand soldier surrounding Imam Husein (A.S.) and cutting water off him.


††††††††††† Then Imam Husein (A.S.) stood up and said:" I ask you for Allah's sake, do you know me?". They replied:" Yes, we do, you are the son of Allah's messenger (A.S.), and the son of his daughter".Imam Husein (A.S.) said : " I ask you for Allah's sake, donít you know that my grandfather is Allah's messenger (A.S.)". They said:" Allah, we do know". Imam Husein (A.S.) said: " I ask you for Allah's sake, donít you know that my mother is Fatima bint Mohammad (A.S.)". They said:" Allah, we do know". ".Imam Husein (A.S.)said:" I ask you for Allah's sake, donít you know that my father is Ali ibn Abi-Talib (A.S.)". They said:" Allah, we do know". Imam Husein (A.S.) said :" I ask you for Allah's sake,d onít you know that my grandmotheris Khadiga bint Khowailid (A.S.), the first Moslem woman". They said:" Allah, we do know". Imam Husein (A.S.)said : " I ask you for Allah's sake, donít you know that Hamza, the prince of martyrs is the cousin of my father . They said:" Allah, we do know". Imam Husein (A.S.)said : " I ask you for Allah's sake, donít you know that Gaafar the pilot, is my cousin ". They said:" Allah, we do know". Imam Husein (A.S.)said : " I ask you for Allah's sake, donít you know that this is the sword of Allah's messenger, I now hold it now ". They said:" Allah, we do know". Imam Husein (A.S.)said : " I ask you for Allah's sake, donít you know that this is the hat (imamah) of Allah's messenger, I now wear it now ". They said:" Allah, we do know". Imam Husein (A.S.)said : " I ask you for Allah's sake, donít you know that my father is Ali ibn Abi-Talib was the first Moslem man, the best, the finest, the most noble". They said:" Allah, we do know". Imam Husein (A.S.) said:" then why do you want to shed my blood while my father Allah' s messenger is the owner of the bath at the resurrection day, , and the flag of praise is with my father's hands". They replied:" we all well know that, but we wont leave you till you die thirsty".The women and children after they heard this conversation began to cry and weep hardly, mourn, express grief, and hit their faces.Eventually, Imam Husein (A.S.) told Al-Abbas and his son Ali to go to the women and children and try to stop their mourn because they are going to weep long very soon.


††††††††††† Then, Omar ibn Saad received the message of ibn Ziyad asking him to fight quickly and warning him of being late.Soon later, Shimr ibn Zil-Gawshan (Allah cursed him) called: " where is my nephews, Abdallah, Gaafar, Al-Abas, and Osman".Imam Husein Said:" answer him although he is a wrongful man as he is somehow your uncle".They said to Shimr:" what's the matter". Shimr said:" Sons of my daughter, your are safe, donít kill yourselves for your brother Husein (A.S.), and submit to the fidelity of the prince of believers Yazid ibn Abi-Sofyan".They replied: " Allah curse you and your safety, enemy of Allah, do you order us to leave the fidelity of our brother, and our lord Husein ibn Fatima (A.S.), and be loyal to the cursed man, son of cursed man". So Shimr returned angry to his camp.


††††††††††† When Imam Husein (A.S.) found that the enemies have strong will to fight him, and that advise doesnít benefit them, he said to his brother Al-Abbas try to dismiss them for this night as Allah knows that I do like to pray and read his holy book.So Al-Abbas asked them so but ibn Saad hesitated till Omar ibn Al-Hagag Al-Zobaidy told to him that if they were turks or dailams they would deservedto be delayed so how come when they are the family of Mohammad (A.S.), so ibn Saad agreed to delay the fight to the next day.


††††††††††† Imam Husein (A.S.) had a short sleep, and woke up to tell his sister Zeinab (A.S.):" my sister, This hour, I saw my grandfather Mohammad (A.S.), my mother Fatima (A.S.), my father Ali ibn Abi-Talib, and my brother Al-Hasan (A.S.) telling me that I will join them soon". So Zeinab (A.S.) stroke her face and shouted.Imam Husein (A.S.) said:" calm down, donít please our enemies".


††††††††††† Then, at night, Imam Husein (A.S.) gathered his friends, praised Allah, then said:" I know no friends better than you, no household finer and better than my household, may Allah reward you greatly, now use the darkness, which has covered you,as your camel, may every man take with him a man of my family, disperse within this darkness and abandon me as they want no one but me".His brother, sons, and sons of Abdallah ibn Gaafar said:" why we do so?, to live after you, may Allah make this impossible".The first man who said this was Al-Abbas ibn Ali, then the others followed him.


††††††††††† Then Imam Husein (A.S.) told to bani-Akeel:" the death of your friend Moslem is enough for you, go away, I permit you".Then all members of his family said:" What would people say about us, and what would we tell them, that we deserted our chief , president, lord, and our imam without throwing an arrow, striking with a spear, hitting with a sword, We swear to Allah, we sacrifice ourselves defending you, son of Allah's messenger, till we reach your station, Allah do make life without you bitter and non tasty".


††††††††††† Then Moslem ibn Awsaga said:" we can never desert you, we can never abandon you while the enemies have surrounded you, I swear to Allah, I will never leave you until my spear gets broken in their hearts, and as long as I hold my sword, If I had no weapons to fight them I would use the stones, and I would never leave you till I die defending you".


††††††††††† Then, Saed ibn Abdallah Al-Hanafy said:" We swear to Allah, we would never abandon you, son of Allah's messenger (P.B.U.H.), till Allah knows that we kept and saved the will of Allah's messenger (P.B.U.H.), if I knew that I would get killed, then returned to life seventy times I would never leave you, so how come while I know that is only one death then I obtain everlasting happiness".


††††††††††† Then Zoheir ibn Al-Kain said:" I swear to Allah, I wished that I sacrificed myself thousand times to protect you, your family".Then other Shia (true followers) said the same, and told Imam Husein (A.S.):" we protect you by our faces and hands, and when we get killed, we then fulfill our holy duty towards our lord".It was said to Mohamed ibn Al-Hadramy:" your son has been taken as a prisoner of war near by Al-Ray". He replied:" I count him, and myself for Allah, I would not like to live after him".Imam Husein (A.S.) heard his words and told him: " May Allah mercy you, you are free, go and try to release your son".Al-Hadramy answered:" may wolves eat me alive if I desert you".Then Imam Husein (A.S.) said:" then take these clothes to help you release you son", and he gave him five clothes which worth a thousand dinars.


††††††††††† Imam Husein (A.S.) and his companions spent the night praying, praising Allah, asking Allah forgiveness, with a voice like that of bees.In the mourning Imam Husein (A.S.) asked for his perfume to be decorated.It was said that Borair ibn Haseen Al-Hamadany, and Abdel-Rahman ibn Abd-Rabooh Al-Ansary were waiting near the door of the tent to be decorated after Imam Husein (A.S.).Also, it was told that Borair was laughing so Abdel-Raman Asked him:" why are you happy, this is not time for happiness nor non right".Borair answered:" my people knew that I never liked unfairness neither when I was junior nor senior, but I am delighted because what we going to meet, I swear to Allah, its only a matter of a hour fighting these people, then we embrace the beautiful girls of heaven".


††††††††††† The teller said:" the soldiers of ibn Saad approached the camp of Imam Husein (A.S.), so Imam Husein (A.S.) sent to them Borair in order to advise them but they did not accept.Then Imam Husein got on his horse and asked his enemies to listen to him and they did.Imam Husein (A.S.) thanked Allah, praised Allah, praised his messenger Mohammad (P.B.U.H.), praised his angels and prophets then said:" Oh group, May Allah curse you, you asked for our rescue with panic and fear and we replied quickly, then you raised your swords, which belongs to our faith, to fight us, and you set a fire to burn us while this fire deservesto burn our and your enemy, you became supporters for your enemies even when they unjust you, and when you hope nothing from them, death for you, why did not you leave us while you are still failing, still of no true will, still of no good opinion, why then did you hurry up for us like,Allah curse them, you are the worse of the nation, the worse party, the book deserters, the sinful people who change the sacred words of Allah, the group of wrongdoers, the breath of the devil, those who extinguish the good ways, how can you support these men, how can you fail us, I swear to Allah, this is indigenous bad ethics of you, your origins are based on, your branches feed on, your are the worst kind of people.


The illegal son of the illegal son has offered us two choices; either to fight or indignity, how come we accept indignity, Allah refuses that and his messenger and the believers, and men of noble origin, brave hearts, men who could never accept indignity, we can never prefer to live undignified than to die proudly, bravely.


I am marching with this little group, and my family despite the failure of the supporters".


Then Imam Husein (A.S.) said the poem of Farwa ibn Mosaik Al-Morady:

If we conquer, it is are custom,--- if we get beaten we are not defeated

We donít like to be cowards--- but are deaths and good governorship

If death leaves people---he catches others

It makes noble people vanish--- as it did with others

If kings and nobles were to ever live---thenwe would also

Tell those happy for what will happen to us---tomorrow you will find as we did


Then Imam Husein (A.S.) said:" you will remain after my martyrdom only for a short while, you axis will be disturbed permanently, this is the oath of my grandfather to me, collect your order and partners, donít be upset, do what you want and donít wait, I depend on my lord, Allah controls every living being, my lord is on a straight way, Allah, prevent them from having rain, make them suffer poverty like that of Joseph (A.S.), make the boy of Sakith rule them and humiliate them as they failed us, you are our lord, we depend upon you, we will return to you, you are our destiny".Then Imam Husein (A.S.) got down from over his horse and prepared his friends for the battle.Imam Bakir32 (A.S.) said they were forty five knights and one hundred infantry, and other numbers were stated.


Then Omar ibn Saad approached the camp of Imam Husein (A.S.), and threw the first arrow saying:" testify to my prince that I was the first to fight".Then many arrows, like drops of rain, were thrown. Then Imam Husein (A.S.) told his friends:" go up to inevitable death, these arrows are the messengers of the people".Fight took place for about an hour, a campaign after a campaign, till some soldiers of Imam Husein (A.S.) got killed.


††††††††††† Then Imam Husein (A.S.) hold his bear and said:" Allah became very angry of the Jewbecause they claimed a son to him, Allah became very angry of the Christians because they claimed that he is one of three,Allah became very angry of the Magoos because they worshiped the sun and moon other than him, and Allah became very angry of people who agreed to kill the son of their prophet.I swear to Allah, I do not compile to their want till I meet Allah with my blood covering me".


Imam Bakir (A.S.) said:" when Imam Husein (A.S.) met Omar ibn Saad (Allah curse him), and when the fight was hard, Allah made Imam Husein (A.S.) victorious, then he was offered to chose between to meet Allah or to beat his enemies, so he did choose to meet Allah".The teller said that imam Husein (A.S.) shouted:" is there no man to defend us, is there no man to protect the harem of Allah's messenger".


Meanwhile, Al-Hor ibn Yazeed Al-Riyahy asked Omar ibn Saad:" Are you really going to fight this man?".Omar replied:" Yes, I swear to Allah, fighting not less than cutting arms and heads".Then Al-Hor hesitated for a while till Al-Mohager ibn Aows told him:" your matter is suspicious, if I was asked who is the bravest man of Al-Koufa, I would say: certainly you, what do I see from you?".Al-Hor replied:" I offer my self for heavens or hell, and I can never decline heavens even if I got killed and burned".Then Al-Hor got over his horse and passed towards Imam Husein (A.S.) with his hand over his head and saying:" Allah, I regret so forgive me, I put fear in the hearts of your good worshipers, and the hearts of the sons of your messengers".Then Al-Hor said to Imam Husein (A.S.):" I sacrifice myself for you, I am the man who prevented you from return and terrified you, I return to Allah, can Allah accept my a apologize".Imam Husein said:" yes, Allah can accept your regret, come down".Al-Hor said:" I am better as a knight rather than an infantry, at last I will get down".Then Al-Hor said:" since I was the first to rise up against you, permit me to be the first to be killed defending you perhaps that makes me shakes hands with your grandfather tomorrow at the resurrection day".The author said he meant the first to be killed beginning from now, as many men have been killed before him.Imam Husein (A.S.) gave him the permission so he fought greatly, bravely, killed many braves and heroes till he fell down and achieved martyrdom. He was carried to Imam Husein (A.S.) who removed blood over his face, and said to him" You are Al-Hor (Free man) as you mother named you, you are free in lower life and after life".


Then Borair ibn Kodair, who was a good servant of Allah, came out to fight.He was intercepted by Yazid ibn Makil, and they agreed to pray so that Allah kills the wrongdoer among them.Borair killed him and continued killing enemies of Allah till he fell down dead.Also, Wahab ibn Hobab Al-Kalby came out and carried out great fight, he returned to his wife and mother and asked them: "are you satisfied?". They replied: " no, till get killed defending Imam Husein (A.S.)".His wife said: Donít make me sad for your loss.His mother said: "donít listen to your wife, go back and fight the enemies of Imam Husein (A.S.) so that you can deserve his intercession at the resurrection day", so he returned till his arms were cutoff, and his wife took a columnand said: "my father and mother are your sacrifice, fight to defend the nobles, fight to defend the harem of Allah's messenger (A.S.)".He tried to dismiss her but she insisted saying I wont leave you till I die with you.Imam Husein (A.S.) said:" Allah please pay them well for a household, return to the women", so his wife returned to the women.Al-Kalby continued fighting till he got killed.


Then Moslem ibn Awsaga, came out to fight, he fought bravely with patience till he fell down. Imam Husein (A.S.) and Habib ibn Mozaher came out to him at his last breaths and said to him:" May Allah mercy you Moslem, some of them died, some are waiting, and they never changed".Habib approached Moslem and said to him:" your death is hard on my heart, expect heavens".Moslem replied with a weak voice:" May Allah promise you good".Habib said:" I will please your eyes", then he died.


Amr ibn Karaza Al-Ansary asked permission to fight, he fought like those anxious to heavens till he killed a great number of ibn Ziyad's soldier.He protected Imam Husein (A.S.) from every arrow and every sword stroke till he became severely wounded.He asked Imam Husein (A.S.):" have I fulfilled, son of Allah's messenger?".Imam Husein (A.S.) replied:" Yes, you are in front of me in heavens, greet Allah's messenger for me and tell him I am coming soon".


Then Goon, the servant of Abi-Zar, whose was a black slave, came out to fight.Imam Husein told him:" you followed us only for safety, donít harm yourself".Goon replied:" I eat you food at good times and at hard times I fail you!, my odor is bad, my family is not noble, let me achieve heavens so that my color turns to white, my odor becomes good, my relation becomes fine, I will never leave you till this black blood gets mixed with your fine blood".Then he fought and got killed.


Then Amr ibn Khaled Al-Saydawy came out to fight and told Imam Husein (A.S.):" father of Abdallah, may I be your sacrifice, I intend to join my friends, as I hate to leave you behind me and see you lonely and killed, so please permit me".Imam Husein (A.S.) said:" attack, we will join you after an hour".He attacked enemies of Allah till he got killed.


Hanzala ibn Saad Al-Shabamy step forwardto protect Imam Husein (A.S.) from arrows and spears saying:" My people, beware a day like that of the parties, like that of the people of Noah, Thamoud, and Aad, and those after them, Allah dose not want unfairness for his servants, my people, beware the resurrection day where you flee and there is no escape from Allah, my people, do not kill Husein (A.S.) otherwise Allah will punish you hardly".Then he said to Imam Husein (A.S.):" wouldn't I go to Allah and join my friends".Imam Husein (A.S.):" yes, go to what is better than the lower life, go to everlasting kingdom". He attacked enemies of Allah, fought heroically till he got killed.


Then the time of noon prayer came, so Imam Husein (A.S.) ordered Zoheir ibn Al-Kain and Saed ibn Abdallah Al-Hanafy to proceed with half their number, and Imam Husein (A.S.) carried out the fear prayer.An arrow was thrown towards Imam Husein (A.S.) so Saed provided shelter and stood as an armor for Imam Husein (A.S.) saying:" Allah curse them like you did with the people of Aad and Thamoud, greet you messenger for me, tell him I suffered pain of wounds to protect his family in order to get your reward". Then he fell down dead with thirteen arrows other than sword strokes and strikes of spears.


Then Sowaid ibn Amr Al-Khathamy step forward to fight, he was a noble man who prays a lot, he fought heroically till he fell down in between the wounded and dead men.Suddenly he heard them saying:" we killed Imam Husein (A.S.), he then overcome his bad wounds, raised up, took a knife from his pocket and fought till he was killed.


Then friends of Imam Husein (A.S.) fought bravely, and they were as the poet said:

People if called for emergency---when horses are wounded

Put their hearts on their armors---hurried up to death


††††††††††† After a while, only his family remained, So Ali ibn Al-Husein came out, he was one of the most bright men, of best morals, he asked permission to fight and was given it.Imam Husein (A.S.) look towards at him with no hope and wept saying:" Allah, the most similar boy to your messenger has came out to fight your enemies, when we were anxious of your prophet we looked at him".Imam Husein said:" Allah, cut and tear the family of ibn Saad as he did to my family".Then Ali attacked and killed many enemies, and returned to his father saying:" father, I am dead of thirsty, the heavy weight of armor made me tired, is there not a cup of water".Imam Husein (A.S.) cried saying:" who can rescue us, how can I get water, be patient a little, soon you will drink from the most fulfill hands of your grandfather-Allah's messenger- so you never be thirsty again".Ali returned to fight heroically till he was thrown an arrow by Monkiz ibn Morra Al-Abdy.He called" My father, I greet you, this is my grandfather saluting you and saying hurry up to us, donít be late", then he died.Imam Husein (A.S.) went to him and kissed him and said:" Allah kill those who killed him, how dare them upset Allah, how dare them violate the harem of Allah's messenger (A.S.), the life does worth nothing after you".Zeinab (A.S.) shouted near the killed Ali:" Oh dear son of my brother", and Imam Husein (A.S.)returned her to the women.


††††††††††† The family of Imam Husein (A.S.) came out to fight successively, one man after another, till some of them fell down.Imam Husein (A.S.) said:" be patient my cousins, be patient my family, I swear to Allah, after today you will never see injustice and persecution".


††††††††††† A boy whose face was bright like the moon came out to fight, he was stroke on his head by ibn Fodail Al-Azdy, he fell down shouting:" Oh uncle".Imam Husein (A.S.) attacked like a hawk, and like an angry lion, he cut the hand of ibn Fodail who asked help from his friends.During the arrival of his friends he was overlaid by the horses and got killed.Imam Husein (A.S.) shortly before the death of the boy said:" Allah curse the people who killed you, how can they face their opponent who is your grandfather tomorrow".Imam Husein said:" it is so hard to hear your ask for help while I can't or while my help is not useful, this is a day, I swear to Allah, with so little supporters, so much criminals". Imam Husein (A.S.) carried the boy and put him between the casualties.


††††††††††† When Imam Husein (A.S.) saw the death of his friends and boys, he intended to fight the people by himself.He shouted:" Is there any man to defend the harem of Allah's messenger, is there any man who worships only Allah to help us, is there any man to rescue us for the sake of Allah".The women shouted loudly of fear and terror and sorrow, he told Zeinab (A..S.) give my child to farewell him.He was going to kiss him but an arrow, thrown by Harmala ibn Al-Kahil, cut his neck before.He told Zeinab (A.S.) take him. He filled his hands from the blood of the child and threw it towards the sky, and said:" what made it easy is that is by Allah's eyes".Imam Bakir (A.S.) said that not even one drop of this blood fell on earth.It was told by other means which are more reasonable, as the situation is not suitable for farewell, that Zeinab (A.S.) said:" dear brother, this is your child thirsty for three days, ask them a drink".Imam Husein (A.S.) hold his child and shouted:" People, you have killed my friends and family, this is my child extremely thirsty, do give him some water".While he was talking to the enemies the boy was thrown by an arrow which slaughtered him. Imam Husein (A.S.) cursed them, consequently, punishment reached them by Al-Mokhtar33.


††††††††††† Imam Husein (A.S.) became very thirsty so he headed towards Euphrates with his brother Al-Abbas, he was intercepted by the knights of ibn Saad.A man from bani-Darim threw Imam Husein (A.S.) by an arrow which hit his throat.He took out the arrow and filled his hands with his blood and threw the blood towards the sky saying:" Allah, I complain to you what occurs to the son of the daughter of your messenger".Al-Abbas was diverted away Imam Husein (A.S.), surrounded, and killed, and Imam Husein (A.S.) wept for him.The poet said:


The man who deserves supremelyto be cried for--- a man who Imam Husein (A.S.) wept for at Karbala

His brother and son of his father---Abo-Al-Fadl who got covered by blood

Who supported him---and shared thirsty


††††††††††† Imam Husein (A.S.) then attacked his enemies and killed a great number of them while he was saying:

Death is better than shame---and shame is better than hell


Some tellers said that they have never seen a defeated man more brave than him, he used to attack his enemies and they used to flee like goats which run away from a lion.He used to attack them although they were about thirty thousand, and his enemies used to run away like dispersed mosquitoes.After every campaign he used to return to his quarters saying:" there is no ability nor power except by Allah".


††††††††††† Imam Husein (A.S.) continued fighting them till they intercepted his way to his camp, then he said:" Allah curse you, followers of Aal-Abi-Sofyan, if you have no religion and donít fear your return to Allah, then be free men in your life, remember your origin,and leave my women alone if you are really Arabs".Shimr called for him:" what are you saying son of Fatima?".Imam Husein (A.S.) said:" I am who fights you, women have no blame, avoid harming my harem as long as I live". Shimr said:" you have what you want".


††††††††††† Imam Husein (A.S.) continued fighting them and continued asking them to let him drink despite they always refused.Imam Husein (A.S.) stopped for an hour to take some rest because he became weak.During his rest he was hit by a stone on his face, while he was removing blood over his face he was thrown by a poisoned arrow with three blades which hit his heart.Imam Husein (A.S.) said:" in the name of Allah, with Allah, on the religion of his messenger (A.S.)".he raised his head towards the sky and said:" Allah, they know well that there is no son of daughter of Allah's messenger on earth but me".He took the arrow out from his back so blood flew out strongly and he became so weak to fight.Whenever a man approached him, the man goes away hating to meet Allah with his blood.


††††††††††† After a while, a man called Malik ibn al-Nisr Al-Kindy approached Imam Husein (A.S.), insulted him, stroke him on his head by the sword so his hat became full of blood.Imam Husein (A.S.) called for a piece of cloth and a new hat. He cleaned the blood and put on the new hat.Then Abdallah ibn Al-Hasan ibn Ali came out the camp.He was still a young boy below teenage, and Zeinab bint Ali tried to stop him but he refused strongly, saying I will never leave my uncle,till he stood near Imam Husein (A.S.).††† Bahr ibn Kaab attacked Imam Husein (A.S.) by the sword so Abdallah said:" Allah curse you, son of wicked woman, do want to kill my uncle".Kaab hit Abdallah by sword but he avoided the stroke by his hand so it got cut but still hanging, and said:" Dear uncle, they have cut my hand".Imam Husein (A.S.) took him, hugged him and said:" be patient son of my brother, do expect good reward for that, Allah will join you with your good fathers".Harmala threw him by an arrow which slaughteredthe boy while he was between his uncle's arms.


††††††††††† Then Shimr ibn Zi-Algawshan attacked the camp of Imam Husein (A.S.), hit it by the spear, and said give my fire to burn it on its habitants. Imam Husein said:" you call for fire to burn my family, may Allah burn you in hell".Then Shibs said:" what a bad deed you want to do Shimr", so Shimr felt shame.The teller said Imam Husein said:" get my a cheap shirt so that they donít take it off me".They brought a shirt of tibban but he refused saying:" that's the clothes of undignified people", so they brought him an old shirt and put it below his clothes.However, they took it after his martyrdom.Imam Husein (A.S.) wore cheap trousers so they donít deprive it after his death, but he was uncovered by Bahr ibn Kaab (Allah curse him).The hands of Bahr became very stiff during summer like solid bars, and very wounded with blood during winter till Allah killed him.


††††††††††† When Imam Husein (A.S.) became very weak, Salih ibn Wahab Al-Mozny stroke him at his stomach so he felt from his horse on his right side saying:" In the name of Allah, with Allah, on Allah's religion", then he stood up again.Zeinab (A.S.) came out shouting:" Oh my brother, Oh my Lord, Oh my household, I wish skies fell on earth, I wish mountains got crushed".Al-Shimr shouted to his friends:" what are you waiting for ?, finish the man", so they attacked him from every side.Zaraa ibn Shoraik hit Imam Husein (A.S.) on his left shoulder, so Imam Husein (A.S.) hit him and killed him, and another man hit Imam Husein (A.S.) on his shelf so he fell on his face, Imam Husein (A.S.) then used to fell down and rise up as he became so weak. Sinan ibn Anas Al-Nokhaay stroke Imam Husein (A.S.) in his throat, then removed the spear and stoke Imam Husein (A.S.) another time but in his chest.Sinan threw Imam Husein (A.S.) with an arrow which hit his neck so Imam Husein (A.S.) fell down and sit down on the earth.


††††††††††† Imam Husein (A.S.) took out the arrow, used to fill his hands with his blood, cover his face with the blood saying:" in this shape I meet my Allah, denied my right, covered by blood".Omar ibn Saad ĖAllah curse him- said to a man on his right:" Allah curse you, go and finish the man to put end to his suffer".Khowly ibn Yazeed Al-Asbahy went to cut the head of Imam Husein (A.S.) but he got afraid. Then Sinan ibn Anas Al-Nokhaay went to cut the head of Imam Husein (A.S.), he did slay Imam Husein (A.S.) saying:" I swear to Allah, I do know you are the son of Allah's messenger, and that you are the best man in the world!".


The poet said:"

What disaster is like that of Imam Husein(A.S.)---the day when Sinan killed him


It was told that Sinan was got captured by Al-Mokhtar who cut off his fingers one by one, then cut off his hands and legs, then put him in a large pot full of boiling water while he was suffering great pain.Imam Sadek34 said:" When Imam Husein (A.S.) got killed, the angels became very troubled, they said:" Allah, this is your selected man, son of your selected man, son of your prophet, so Allah made them see the soul of Imam Al-Kaem35 (A.S.) and said by this a revenge that pure honest righteous man".


††††††††††† The teller said that a dark black dust with red wind rose up in the sky till they thought that this their punishment.This meteorological event lasted for an hour then disappeared. Helal ibn Nafaa said:" while I was standing near Omar ibn Saad a man shouted: get pleased prince, Shimr has just killed Imam Husein (A.S.), I headed towards Imam Husein (A.S.) to find him at his last breaths, I have never seen such a man covered by blood more pretty than him, nor bright than him, I got busy with the shiny light of his face, and his good shape so I couldnít think about killing him.In this case, Imam Husein (A.S.) asked water to drink, and I heard a man saying you wont drink till reach hell and drink there from its lava.Imam Husein (A.S.) said:" No, but indeed I meet my grandfather, Allah's messenger (A.S.), and I live with him in his house in a right resident at a powerful king, and a drink purified water, and complain to Allah what you did to me".Helalsaid they became very angry as if there was no mercy in their hearts, they cut his head while he was talking to them.Helal got so surprised of them and decided not to share them any matter again.


††††††††††† The teller said that the people came to deprive Imam Husein (A.S.) his belongings. His shirt was taken by Ishak ibn Houba Al-Hadramy (Allah curse him) , eventually, his skin became badly ill and his hair got spoiled.It was said that his shirt was stroke by more than one hundred and ten strike either by sword, or spear, or an arrow.Imam Sadek (A.S.) said that thirty three sword stroke, and thirty four spear stroke was found in the body of Imam Husein (A.S.).


††††††††††† The trousers of Imam Husein (A.S.) was taken by Bahr ibn Kaab Al-Taimy (Allah curse him), afterwards, he became so ill and paralyzed.His turban was taken by Akhnas ibn Mirkid ibn Alkama Al-Hadramy (Allah curse him) or Gaber ibn Yazeed Al-Awdy (Allah curse him), eventually, he became crazy.His shoes was taken by Al-Aswad ibn Khalid.His ring was taken by Bigdal ibn Salim Al-Kalby, he amputated the finger of Imam Husein (A.S.).This man was captured later by Al-Mokhtar who cut his hands and legs and left him bleed to death.Kais ibn Al-Ashaas (Allah curse him) took a silk cloth of Imam Husein (A.S.).Omar ibn Saad (Allah curse him) took the sharp shield. When Omar got killed, Al-Mokhtargave this shield to killer of Omar who was Abi-Amra. His sword was taken either by Gamee ibn Khak Al-Awdy, or by Al-Aswad ibn Hanzala Al-Tamimy, or by Al-Falafis Al-Nahshaly.This stolen sword is not "Zolfaklar36" which is kept, and saved with the treasures of prophecy and imamate.


††††††††††† The teller said that a girl came out the camp of Imam Husein (A.S.), and a man told her that her master has been killed, so she hurried towards her ladies shouting and the ladies began shouting, weeping, crying and screaming as well.The people hurried to deprive the house of Allah's messenger, and the eye fruit of Al-Zahraa, the sincere loyal worshiper of Allah.The uncovered the back of ladies, and the children of Allah's messenger and his harem came out weeping for the loss of their beloved and supporters.


††††††††††† Hameed ibn Moslem said: I saw a woman of Bani Bakr which was accompanying her husband among the army of Omar ibn Saad, when she saw the people entered roughly the camp of Imam Husein (A.S.) and began depriving the women, she shouted:" Oh family of Bakr ibn Wael, how can the women of Allah's messenger be treated so impolitely, there is no governor but Allah, Oh revenges for Allah's messenger", and she took a sword but her husband returned her back.


††††††††††† The teller said: then they derived out the women from the camp and burned it, so they got out uncovered, without shoes, weeping, deprived, with the humiliation of capture. They said: we ask you by Husein's right to let us pass by his death place.When the women saw the dead menthey shouted and screamed.


††††††††††† The teller said:" I can never forget the sight of Zeinab mourning Imam Husein (A.S.) and calling him by a heart full of grief and sorrow:" Oh Mohammad, may king of heavens praise you, this is Husein (A.S.) in the desert, covered by blood, cut into pieces, Oh my loss, your girls are prisoners, I complain to Allah, and to Mohamed the selected, and Ali the accepted, and Fatima the Zahraa, and to Hamza, the master of martys, Oh Mohamed, this is Husein (A.S.) laying on the sand of the desert, subject to dusty wind, killed by the children of the whores, Oh my grief, Oh my sorrow for you father of Abdallah, today my grandfather, Allah's messenger has died, Oh companions of Mohamed, this is the family of Mohamed derived as slaves"


††††††††††† In some other tales:" Oh Mohamed, your girls are prisoners, your children have been killed, dusty wind blows over them, this is Husein his head has been cut off from back, deprived from his hat and clothes, he is worthy my father whose camp has been deprived, ruined on Monday, he is worthy my father who is absent and is expected, he is worthy my father who is wounded but can not he treated, he is worthy my father who I sacrifice myself for him, he is worthy my father who was upset till he got killed, he is worthy my father who was thirsty till he died, he is worthy my father whose beard drops blood, he is worthy my father whose grandfather is the Allah of heaven, he is worthy my father who is descendant of the prophet of guidance, he is worthy my father Mohamed the selected, he is worthy my father Ali the accepted, he is worthy my mother Khadiga the grandmother of believers, he is worthy my mother Fatima Al-Zahraa, the lord of ladies, he is worthy who displaced the sun back so that he prayed".The teller said that she made every friend and enemy cry.†† Then Sokaina embraced her father but she was pulled away by some Arabic men.


††††††††††† Then Omar ibn Saad asked his companions to over ride the chest of Imam Husein (A.S.) by the horses.He selected ten men whom were: Ishak ibn Howba who deprived the shirt of Imam Husein (A.S.), Akhnas ibn Mirthad, Hakim ibn Tofail Al-Sibaiey, Omar ibn Sobaih Al-Saidawy, Ragaa ibn Monkiz Al-Abdy, Salim ibn Khaitham Al-Gaafy, Salih ibn Wahab Al-Gaafy, Wahiz ibn Ghanim, Hani ibn Thobait Al-Hadramy, and Osaid ibn Malik, Allah Curse them all.They passed over the chest of Imam Husein (A.S.) by the legs of the horses till they crushed his bones.


††††††††††† The teller said that these ten men came to ibn Ziyad, and Osaid ibn Malik (one of the ten men) said:

We crushed the chest after the back---of every man of strong build

Ibn Ziyad asked: who are you?. They replied: we are those who over laid Imam Husein (A.S.) by a horses till we broke his bones of his chest.Consequently he ordered a little reward for them.


††††††††††† Abo-Omar the worshiper said we found that all these men were illegal sons. Also Al-Mokhtar took these men, tied them by iron chains, and over ride them by horses till they got killed.Ibn Rabah said:" I saw a blind man who witnessed the death of Imam Husein (A.S.).I asked him about his blindness, he answered: I was one of the men who witnessed the death of Imam Husein (A.S.), however I didnít participate in hitting, or striking, or throwing. When Imam Husein (A.S.) got killed I returned to my home, prayed Al-Eshaa, and I went to sleep, someone came to me in the vision telling me: answer Allah's messenger (A.S.). I said: what matter is between me and him?.The angel hold me strongly and pulled me towards Allah's messenger, he was sitting in the desert, uncovering his arms, holding a spear, and an angle was standing beside him holding a sword of fire killing my nine friends, when he stroke them they were burned.I approached Allah's messenger (A.S.), and kneeled in front of him, I said: Salam (Peace) upon you Allah's messenger, he didnít reply and waited for a long time.Then he raised his head and said to me: enemy of Allah, you didnít respect my harem, you killed my family, and did what you did. I said: Allah's messenger (A.S.): I did not hit by a sword, nor stroke by a spear, nor throw an arrow.He said:" you have said truth, but you increased the number of group, approach towards me, I saw a jar full of blood, and he said to me:" this is the blood of my son Husein (A.S.), he put a drop of that blood in my eyes, so I woke up blind".


††††††††††† Imam Sadek (A.S.):" On the resurrection day, a dome of light is set for my mother Fatima Al-Zahraa (A.S.), Imam Husein (A.S.) comes with his head in his arms, when she sees her son, she shouts a great shout which makes every great angel, and every messenger weep for her, Allah then puts him in the best figure while he argues his murderers without a head, then Allah collects for me all his murderers, all his killers, all who participated in his blood,so I kill them all, then Allah resurrects them and the prince of believers-Ali ibn AbiTalib (A.S.)- kills them all again, then they get resurrected and Imam Hasan (A.S.) kills them all, then they get returned to life, and Imam Husein (A.S.) kills them all, then they get returned to life so that all mydescendents kill them.At that time, grief is removed, and sorrow gets erased".


††††††††††† Imam Sadik (A.S.) said:" Allah mercy our Shia-true followers-those who share our tragedy by long grief and extending sorrow".


††††††††††† Allah's messenger said:" On the resurrection day, Fatima (A.S.) comes with a woman accompany, she will be told to enter paradise, she replies: I wont enter till I know what happened to my son after me, she gets told to look at the center of the resurrection, see views Imam Husein (A.S.) standing without a head, she screams, I scream for her, the angels also scream for her.In another telling she calls:" Oh my son, Oh my fruit of my heart".Allah gets then angry, he orders a fire called habhab, it was burning for a thousand year till it became black, no soul enters it, no sorrow exits from it. It gets called to collect the killers of Imam Husein (A.S.), it collects them, and when they become in its centre, it produces load voices, like that of breathing.Then they speak with bad tongues:" Allah, why did you order us to hell before those who worshiped statues? they get answered:" those who know are dislike those who donít"




††††††††††† Omar ibn Saad sent the head of Imam Husein (A.S.) at that day-Ashora-with Khawly ibn Yazid Al-Asbahy and Habib ibn Moslem Al-Azdy to ibn Ziyad. He ordered to cut off the heads of the other soldiers of Husein (A.S.) and sent heir heads with Shimr ibn Zi-Al-Gawshan, Kais ibn Al-Ashaas, and Amr ibn Al-Hagag (Allah curse them) to Al-Koufa.


††††††††††† Ibn Saad stayed the rest of the day till the mourning of the next day in Karbala, then he traveled with the children of Imam Husein (A.S.).He put the ladies on the backs of camels without seats nor covers.Their faces were uncovered to enemies although they are the treasure of prophets.They were drove like slaves of Turks or Romans suffering the humiliation ofimprisonment.†† Allah mercy the poet who said:

The messenger of bani Hashim is praised---while his children are fought, this is really strange


††††††††††† It was said the number of heads of Imam Husein's friends were seventy eight so the clans shared them in order to please Obaid Allah ibn Ziyad, and Yazeed ibn Moawiya.These heads were divided as following:

Kinda in command of Kais ibn Alashas took thirteen heads.

Hawazinin command of Shimr ibn Zi-Algawshan took twelve heads.

Tameem took seventeen heads.

Bani-Asad took sixteen heads.

Mizhig took seven heads.

The rest of people took thirteen heads.


††††††††††† The teller said that when Omar ibn Saad departed Karbala, some men of Bani-Asad arrived to burry the bodies.Ibn Saad traveled with the captives and when he approached Al-Koufa, its people came out to look at the prisoners. A woman from Al-Al-Koufa asked prisoners, and she was answered that they are the prisoners of Mohammad's Family. The woman got down from her house and gave them some clothes to wear and cover their faces.


††††††††††† Ali ibn Al-Husein who was so weakened by his illness was with the women, also there was Al-Hasan ibn Al-Hasan Al-Mothana who supported his uncle, his imam and got severely wounded, besides to Zaid and Amr sons of Al-Husein (A.S.).People of Al-Koufa began weeping for them!, so Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) said:" you weep for us, then who fought us!".Basheer ibn Khazim Al-Asady said: "I saw Zeinab bint Ali so respectful, speaking as if she talks by the tongue of her father Ali ibn Abi-Talib (Prince of Believers), she pointed towards the crowd, then everything became completely silent, no breaths nor sounds of bells, then she said:" Thanks (Praises) for Allah, praises upon my grandfather (Mohammad-Allah's messenger ),and his noble, good hearted family, after that people of Koufa, you are the people of cheating and deceive, do you cry, let the eye drops never stop, let your sad voices never stop, you are just like the woman who broke her cloth into pieces, you use your faith for bad purposes, you are nothing but bad ethics, mean morals, love of non free girls, punishment of your enemies, or who raises his sheep on sick pasture, or silver in graves, what terrible deed you have done, Allah has became angry of you, and you surely will have eternal torture, do you cry and weep, so weep for long timesand laugh a little, you owned the shame and dishonor, you can never wash your shame, how can you clean the shame of killing the descendent of last prophecy, mine of message, master of youth of heavens, shelter of your good people, the escape of your fears, lighthouse of your proof, base of your rules, what so bad deeds you have done, Allah curse you, you have really failed, you have really lost, you have earned the anger of Allah, humiliation and indignity will never leave you.

Allah curse you people of Al-Koufa, do you know which liver of Allah's messenger you have just cut, which noble lady of Allah's messenger you have just uncovered, which fine blood you have shed, which noble harem you have violated, you have brought it bold, long necked, black, awful.Have you really wondered that the sky rained blood!, really the punishment of the last life is worse, and you will never be victorious, donít get deceived by the delay, as it never gets hurry, never fear to miss revenge, your lord has prepared his payback".††


The teller said I saw people amazed, crying and putting their hands in their mouths.I also saw an old man weeping and saying:" you worth my father and mother, your senate are the best senate, your youth are the best youth, your women are the best women, your children are the best children, they can never be measured nor beaten".


It was said that Fatima the junior said:" Praises to Allah as the number of sand, as the weight of the thrown to dust, I praise him, believe in him, I depend upon him, I witness that there is no God but ALLAH with no partners, also that Mohamad (P.B.U.H.) is his slave, servant and his messenger, I witness that his children have been slaughtered nearby the shore of Al-Forat for no hatred, nor revenge, nor rightful purpose, Allah, I ask your protection from saying lies about you, or not to say what you have decreed as oath for Ali-ibn Abi Talib (his guardian), who was deprived his right, who was killed unjustly for no blame like his son has yesterday, in a house of Allah's houses, the house whose neighbors are claiming to be Moslem by their tongues, of weak minds, never defended him in his life or death, till you restored him, praised, respected, and greeted by angles, he never feared a blame for Allah's sake, you guided him Ėmy lord- to Islam junior, you raised his morals senior, he was always yours, and your messenger's (P.B.U.H.), advisor, till you retrieved him, he never hoped the lower life, he never looked forward to gain the lower life, he was always asking the after life, fighting for you, you accepted him, selected him, and guided him to the straight path.


After that, people of Koufa, people of deceit, cheat, false pride, we are an household tested by you, and Allah tested you by us, he made deeds good, he deposited his science and knowledge at us, so we are the holders of his science, store of his knowledge, his proof on the people of earth, Allah preferred us, and made are rank higher by his messenger (P.B.U.H.).The distance between us and his other creatures is extremely large.


Despite all our merits, you did not put belief in our privilege, you called us liars, you accounted for our fight, and you took our money illegally, as if we were sons of some Turks, just like you killed our grandfather yesterday, you swords drops our noble blood.This is because your hearts are full of old hatred, and your eyes got pleased for it, and your hearts got happy for it, unbelieving in Allah and cheat of you, and Allah is the best planer.


Donít be happy for our terrible disaster because what happened was written in a book before the creation of the world.This is easy for Allah, in order that you do not get happy for what you gain nor sorry for what you lose, and Allah dislikes every proud man full of prejudice,Allah curse you, do expect Allah's punishment, very soon you will see the lord's torture and anger falling from the sky, one after another, he will make you fight each other and suffer the civil war.Then you will have eternal pain at the resurrection day as payback for your terrible unjust. Indeed Allah curses the wrongdoers.


Allah curse you, do you know what hand you used against us, what soul you used to fight us, what leg you walked by to kill us, I swear by Allah, your hearts became hard, your livers became thick, your minds, hearings, and sights have been sealed.The devil deceived you, gave you hope, made membranes on your eyes so you are unable to see the light of the rightness.


Allah curse you people of Koufa, which revenge you have for Allah's messenger (P.B.U.H.), what makes you hate his brother Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S.), what makes you hate his pure, gracious, kind sons, what makes you hate the fine, magnificent family of Allah's messenger (A.S.), till one of you said:

We killed Ali and his son---by Indian swords and spears

We imprisoned his women---like Turk women and insulted them


You man who worth dust, you have been proud of killing men who Allah praised, Allah purified, Allah cleaned them from every dirt. Every man gets pay back as what he did by his hands.Did you envy us because Allah discriminated us, raised us, honored us;

Why are why blamed for---if our sea is wavy while yours is not

Allah grants as he wants, Allah is of great generosity, who is not lighted, guided by Allah has no light nor guidance".†† She was called to stop because the audience said: you have burned our hearts, lowered our necks, set fire to ourselves.


††††††††††† Om Kolthoom bint Ali talked from behind her cover: "Allah Curse you people of Koufa, why did you fail Al-Husein (A.S.), why did you kill him, why did you deprive his money, why did you imprison his women, why did you harm him so badly, Allah curse you, do know what terrible deed you have done,do you know what awful sin you have committed, do you know what superior blood you have shed, do you know what fine ladies you have unjust, do you know what noble children you have captured, do you know what money you have deprived, you have killed the finest men after Allah's messenger (A.S.), mercy has been deprived from your hearts, indeed the party of Allah are the winners, and the party of the devil are the losers.Then she said the poet:

You executed my son--- you will be paid hell

You shed prohibited blood---Allah, Mohammad (A.S.), and Quran prohibited it

Expect the hell fire---certainly you will be placed at its bottom

Indeed I weep my brother---the best who willever be born

Many tears flow from my eyes---continuous is my sorrow


Then, men, and children raised their voices crying and weeping, women deployed their hair, scratched their faces, stroke their faces, put sand and dust over themselves, and men pulled out their bears.


††††††††††† Then, Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.), Zein al-Abideen, pointed towards the crowd to be silent, after they became silent he stood up and praised Allah and his messenger (P.B.U.H.) then he said:" People, one who knows me he does so, while one who dose not know me I will tell him who I am, I am Ali ibn al-Husein ibn Ali ibn Abi-Talib, I am the son who you slaughterednearby the shore of Al-Forat for no crime nor blame, I am the son who you insulted his harem, deprived his pleasure, imprisoned his children, I am who was executed and this is enough pride, Oh people, for Allah's sake, do you know that you wrote to my father, deceived him, and showed loyalty and fidelity to him, asked for his help and aid, then you fought him and failed him, what bad deed you have done to yourselves, what bad opinion you have decided, how can you look to Allah's messenger (P.B.U.H.) while he asks you: Did you kill my family ?,Did you violate my harem?, you do not belong to my nation".


††††††††††† The teller said that the crowd cried and shouted with loud voices saying to each other: you have destructed yourselves while you donít know. Imam Ali ibn al-Husein (A.S.):" May Allah mercy the man who hears my advice, and keeps my will in Allah, his messenger, and his household, as you have a good example in Allah's messenger".They all said we all hear you, and obey you, we never miss you or leave you, command us Allah mercy you, we set peace with your friends and fight your enemies, we will leave Yazid (Allah curse him) are we desert who unjust you, and unjust us.


Ali ibn al-Husein (A.S.) said:" thatís so far you cheaters and deceivers, you will never reach your pleasures, do you want to treat me as you treated my father (A.S.) before, I swear to Allah no, the wounds have not healed yet, yesterday my father (A.S.) got killed with his family, I have not forgotten the terrible loss of my grandfather Allah's messenger (P.B.U.), nor the terrible loss of my father (A.S.), nor the terrible loss of my brothers, its grief is in my soul, its bitter taste is in my mouth, its sorrow flows in my chest, I ask you not to be with us nor against us, then he said:

No wonder the killing of Husein and his chief---he was more fine than him

Do not be happy people of Kofan---for the disaster of Husein , it is greater

Murdered nearby the shore of Al-Forat ( I sacrifice myself to protect him)ówho wanted him will suffer the pains of hell

The imam (A.S.)said: we accept a head for a head, no day for us or for you".


††††††††††† The teller said that ibn Ziyad (Allah curse him) gave a general permission, the head of imam Husein (A.S.) was put between his arms, and his children were entered. Zeinab (A.S.) was sit in disguise, he asked about her and came towards her and said:" thanks for Allah who shamedand uncovered your lies".She replied:" only the wrongdoer is shamed, only the unfaithful is called liar, and we are not so".Ibn Ziyad said:" how did you see Allah deeds to your brother and family", she replied " I have only seen good, these are people who Allah determined their death, so they went to their places, Allah will gather you and them, you will be argued, you will be the opponent, look who will be the winner at that day, may your mother lose you son of Morgana".†† The teller said he got angry and nearly decided to kill her.However, Amr ibn Harith said:" Prince, she is only a woman, and women are not judged for their words.Ibn Ziyad said: "Allah made my heart settle down by the death of the tyrant Husein (A.S.) and the rebels, and disobeyer of his family".She said " I swear by my life, you killed my senate, you cut my branch, you pulled away my origin, if this is your cure than you have recovered". ††Ibn Ziyad said:" This is courage, I swear by my life that your father was a courageous poet".Zeinab (A.S.) replied:" women have no matter with courage".


††††††††††† Then ibn Ziyad looked towards Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) and asked: who is that man?".He was answered Ali ibn al-Husein.He said:" Didnít Allah kill Ali ibn al-Husein".Ali ibn al-Husein (A.S.)said:" I had a brother named Ali ibn Al-Husein but the people killed him".Ibn Ziyad said:" No, but Allah killed him".Ali (A.S.) said:" Allah retrieves the souls at the time of its death". Ibn Ziyad said:" How dare you argue me, Go and cut off his head". Zeinab (A.S.) said:"Iibn Ziyad, you have exterminated us, you left us no remainders, if you intend to kill him then kill me first".Ali (A.S.) said:" be quite ant Zeinab, so that I can talk to him".Ali (A.S.) looked towards ibn Ziyad and said:" Do you threaten us by killing, donít you know that killing is our custom and that Allahhonors us by martyrdom!".Then ibn Ziyad ordered Ali and his family to be moved nearby the great mosque.Zeinab (A.S.) said:" No Arabic woman comes to us except a mother of a boy or a slave as they have been captured like us".


††††††††††† Then ibn Ziyad ordered the head of Husein (A.S.) to be exposed and carried through the streets of Al-Koufa.It is worthy to say the poem of some wise men mourning the family of Allah's messenger (P.B.U.H.):


The head of the son of daughter of Mohammad and his guardian---is held over a long spear for the viewers

The Moslems look and hear--- no one disagrees or shows grief

Your shape made eyes blind---your tragedy made ears unable to hear

You made eyes wake up and you were one who helped---you were eyes which never slept

Every garden wished ---that it becomes your grave


††††††††††† The teller said that ibn Ziyad raised the stage and said:" Thanks for Allah who made the right and rightful people victorious, and who supported the prince of believers Yazid ibn Moawiya, and who defeated the liar and son of liar Al-Husein ibn Ali".Immediately, Abdallah ibn Afif Al-Azdy-who was one of the best followers (Shia), he lost his left eye at the Gamal day, and the right one at Seffeen day, and always stayed in the great mosque to pray-said:" Son of Morgana, the liar and son of liar is you and your father, and who made you governor and his father, enemy of Allah, do you kill the sons of the prophets and talk like that on the stages of Moslems?".


††††††††††† Ibn Ziyad got angry and asked: who is talking?.Abdallah said: "I am the man who spoke enemy of Allah, Do you kill the pure descendants who Allah deprived them every dirt then claim to be faithful. Oh help, where is the immigrants and the supporters to take revenge of you, and your tyrant the cursed and son of cursed by tongue of Mohammad themessenger of lord of worlds".Ibn Ziyad got more angry till his veins inflated and ordered to bring him.The police went to arrest Abdallah from every sidebut the nobles of his tribe which is bani- Assad took him away and sent him to his house.


††††††††††† Ibn Ziyad said: bring me that blind man of bani-Assad, Allah blinded his heart like his eyes.Bani-Assad heard the decree of ibn Ziyad so they gathered themselves together with the tribes of Al-Yaman to defend their chief.Ibn Ziyad heard about the assembly of the tribes so he gathered the tribes of Modar and added them to the soldiers of Mohammad ibn Al-Ashaas and ordered them to fight the people.A great battle took place between the two sides and some men got killed. Consequently, the soldiers reached the house of Abdallah ibn Afif, they broke the door and entered.His daughter shouted: the people came to you from where you fear.He answered:" never mind, give me my sword. He began to defend him self saying:

I am son of Afif, the pure, and noble---my senate is pure and I am son of the mother of Amir

How many armored man and non armored--- heros who I defeated

His daughter said: I wished that I was a man to fight these sinful people who killed the pure family.

The people surrounded him hopelessly, and whenever they attacked him from a side his daughter said the enemy are at that side. His daughter said: how much undignified I am, my father is surrounded with no defenders. He used to rotate his sword saying:

I swear if I had vision---you would find no escape

At last they captured him and sent him to ibn Ziyad.


††††††††††† When ibn Ziyad saw him he said: thanks for Allah who disgraced you. Abdallah said: "enemy of Allah, how did Allah disgrace me?".

I swear if I had vision---you would find no escape

Ibn Ziyad asked:" what do you say about the prince of believers Osman ibn Affan?. Abdallah said:" Slave of bani Elag, son of Morgana, and he insulted him, what is the matter between you and Osman, whether he was fair or not, whether he built or destructed.Allah is the lord of his creatures and he will judge them fairly, and rightfully, but ask me about you and your father, and Yazid and his father".Ibn Ziyad said:" I swear to Allah, I will not ask you anything till you taste death slowly".Abdallah said:" Thanks for Allah, the lord of worlds, I used to ask him to grant me the martyrdom before you mother gave birth to you.I also asked Allah that it happens by the hands of his worse creatures and most hated. When I got blind I got hopeless of being a martyr, but now, thanks for Allah who granted me it after losing hope, and he showed me that he answered my old praying by his kindness and generosity". Ibn Ziyad said:" cut off his neck, so he was headed and crucified at the Sabkha.


††††††††††† Obaid Allah ibn Ziyad wrote a messages to Yazid ibn Moawiya, and Amr ibn said ibn al-Aas (the governor of Al-Madina), informing them about the killing of Imam Husein (A.S.), and his companions, and the imprisonment of his family.When Amr received the message he rose over the stage and informed the people of the Al-Madina, and immediately Bani-Hashim wept for Imam Husein (A.S.) and started mourning.Zienab bint Akeel ibn Abi-Talib expressed her sorry and sadness by the poem:


What is your answer when the prophet asks---what have you done Oh last nation

To my family and household after my departure---some captured and some covered by blood

This is not my reward for advise an guidance---to treat my family bad after my death


At the night, the people of Al-Madina heard an angel saying:

Those who killed unjustly Husein---expect torture and bad payback

Every being in heavens cries for him---whether he is a prophet or observer or messenger

You have been cursed by the tongue of the son of David---Moses, and the man of bible


††††††††††† When Yazid received the letter of ibn Ziyad he ordered him to bring him the heads of Husein (A.S.),and his companions together with his family, and women, and luggage.Ibn Ziyad commanded Mihfar ibn Thalba Al-Aaizy to escort the heads, and prisoners to Al-Sham so they were transferred in a non respectful manner like roman slaves and every man looked to their faces.


††††††††††† Ibn Lohaiya said:" I was rotating about Al-Kaaba37 as I heard a man saying: Allah, I plead to you, please forgive me despite I know that you will not.I told him: servant of Allah, donít say such words, fear Allah, because if your sins were so many as the number of drops of rains or numerous like the leaves of tress, Allah will forgive you if you ask him.Indeed Allah is supremely merciful, and supremely forgiving.The man said approach me so that I can tell you my story.He said you have to know that I was one of fifty men who escorted the head of Imam Husein (A.S.) to Al-Sham, At nights we used to put the head in a trunk and drink wine about it, one night my companions drunk till they lost conscious, however I didnít drink that night.Suddenly I heard thunder and saw lighting, and the doors of the sky opened.Adam, Noah, Ibrahim, Ismael, Ishak, our messenger Mohammad (P.B.U.H.), greetings upon them all, and the angel Gabriel, and some other angels descended.Then, Gabriel approached the trunk, took the head, embraced it and kissed it.The other prophets and angels did the same.Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) wept and the prophets showed sympathy, pity, and sorry.Then Gibrael said: Mohammad, Allah ordered me to obey you about what you decide for your nation. If you command me, I will shake roughly the earth, and a strong earthquake would destroy them completely, it would lower every high building of them, just like I did with the nation of Loot (A.S.).Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) said: No, my appointment is at the resurrection day, then the angels attacked us in order to kill us, I shouted: Allah's messenger please provide me safety, he replied: go away, may Allah never forgive you".


††††††††††† When the caravan approached Damascus,Om Kolthoom told Al-Shimr: "I have a request", Al-Shimr replied: what is it, Om-Kolthoom said: "when you enter the town pass through streets of few spectators, and put these heads at a distance in front of us, so that people get busy looking at the heads, and do not see us, as we got shamed from the people's watching".Al-Shimr refused and put the heads at the centre of the caravan and passed through the most crowded streets till they reached the gates of Damascus, and were set near the doors of the great mosque where slaves are put.


††††††††††† It was told that a man deserted his friends for a month, when they saw him again, they told him we missed you for a long period,he said: donít you see what happened, and he said the poem:

He brought your head, son of daughter of Mohammad---covered intensely by your blood

As if they by your killing, son of daughter of Mohammad---have killed the religion, and rightness, and faith

They killed you when you was thirsty---they showed no respect to the sacred book

They shouted happy for your killing---while they only killed the sacred book


The teller said: a senate approached the caravan of Imam Husein (A.S.) and said:" thanks for Allah who killed you, eliminated you, who rescued the country form your men, and made the prince of believers defeat you".Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) said:" senate, have you read the holy Quraan38?".The senate said:" Yes".Ali said:" Did you understand the Ayah " tell them the only reward I ask you is to truly love my family".The senate said I did read this Ayah.Ali (A.S.) said:" we are his family", and have you read in the surat39 Bani-Israel " give the relatives their right". The senate said: I did read this Ayah. Ali (A.S.) said:" we are his relatives", and have you read in surat Al-Anfal:" Do know that whatever you gain, you must give its fifth to Allah, his messenger, and his family". The senate said I did read this Ayah. Ali (A.S.) said:" we are his family", and did you read in the surat Al-Ahzab:" Allah only wants to deprive the household from every dirt and purify them greatly". The senate said: I did read that. Ali (A.S.) said: "we are the household who Allah purified them".Eventually,the senate regretted what he said, and became silent, and said:" For Allah's sake, are you those".Ali (A.S.) said:" I swear by Allah, we are those with no doubt, I swear by the right of my grandfather, Allah's messenger, that we are those". The senate wept, rose his hands high and said: " Allah, I hate and desert the enemies of Mohammad's family".Then he asked Imam Ali (A.S.):" can Allah forgive me?". Ali said:" Yes, if you regret, and return to Allah, Allah will forgive you, and you will be with us".The senate said:" Allah, I regret, I am sorry, I return to you".Yazid heard about the senate, and the senate was executed by the orders of Yazid!.


††††††††††† Then the belongings of Imam Husein (A.S.), and his women were entered at Yazid while they were tied by ropes and chains.Ali (A.S.) said to Yazid:" How would Allah's messenger react if he sees us in this manner", so Yazid ordered the ropes to be cut.He put the heads in front of him.When Zeinab (A.S.) saw the head of her brother she cut the upper piece of her shirt, and said with a sad voice which hurts the hearts:" Oh Husein, Oh beloved of Allah's messenger, Oh son of Mecca and Mina, Oh son of Fatima Al-Zahraa, the finest woman of worlds, Oh son of daughter of the selected man".†† Every man cried except Yazid who was silent.Another woman of Bani-Hashim said:" Oh Husein, Oh Lord, Oh beloved, Oh master of household, Oh son of Mohammad, Oh life of widows and orphans, Oh who got killed by the illegal son".†† Again everyone wept.


††††††††††† Then Yazid called for a bar made of Khizaran, and began striking the mouth of Imam Husein (A.S.).Abo-Baraza Al-Aslamy said:" Allah curse you Yazid, do you hit the mouth of Imam Husein (A.S.), I witness that I saw Allah's messenger kissing that mouth, and the mouth of his brother Imam Hasan (A.S.) and saying: you are the master of youth of heaven's people, Allah kill who killed you, and curse him, and prepare hell for him and it is a very bad destiny".†† Yazid got angry, he ordered to expel that man, he was pulled away.


††††††††††† Then Yazid said the poem of ibn Al-Zabary:

I wish my senate of Badr40 witnessed---the fear of Khazrag from the swords

They would got happy and pleased---then said: Yazid be always of fit arms

We have killed their nobles---we equated it by Badr and it matched

Hashim plaled with kingdom---indeed no prophecy has taken place

I donít belong to Khondof---if I donít revenge for Ahmad's41 deeds


††††††††††† Zeinab (A.S.) replied saying:" Praises and thanks for Allah, the lord of all worlds, Allah praise Mohammad and his family, Allah stated the truth as he says ( then, the result, and final state of those who did bad deeds is unbelieving the signs of Allah and underestimating it).Did you think that because you surrounded us, and achieved prevalence,so that you drove us like slaves, that Allah considers us cheap, or that you are great, or you have a high rank at Allah.As a result you became proud, and happy, as you dominated the lower life, and you illegally took our kingdom, and governorship.Do wait, have you forgotten the words of Allah ( Those unbelievers, and unfaithful, do not consider the delay of punishment for their good, we only delay them in order that they get more sinful, and they have humiliating torture).


††††††††††† Is it fair, son of released slaves, to provide shelter to your women, and to drive the daughters of Allah's messenger (P.B.U.H.) like slaves.Is it fair to disregard them, uncover their faces, pass them from one country to another so that the people of every county watch them, whether the spectator is near or not, noble or not, while they have no man with them to protect them.How can we expect good treatment from a man who descends from those who atethe liver of fine men, and whose flesh has grown by the blood of martyrs.How cant you hurry up to unjust us-we the household- while you look at us with eyes full of envy, hatred, and have dark, wicked feelings towards us in your ill heart.Then you said without feeling sinful:

They would got happy and pleased---then said: Yazid be always of fit arms

Hitting the mouth of Al-Husein-the lord of youth of heaven's people-, How cant you say that while you have done the terrible deeds and worse crimes by shedding the blood of the children of Mohammad (P.B.U.H.), and the earth stars which are the family of Abdel-Mottalib42.†† You called for your ancestors thinking that they can hear you, but very soon you will reach them at hell.At that time, you would wish that you never said that words, or did that crimes,even if you got paralyzed or lost the ability to speak.


††††††††††† Allah, revenge for us, put your anger on those who shed our blood, and killed our protectors. I swear by Allah, you only cut your skin, you only tore your flesh.You will be entered at Allah's messenger (P.B.U.H.) loaded with your terrible crimes and the shedding of blood of his children, and insulting his harem.At that day, Allah will bring them their right (donít consider those who got killed for the sake of Allah deaths, but they are alive and they receive supplies and food).Allah is a good enough judge, and Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) is a good enough opponent, and Gibrael is a good enough supporter.One who encouraged you to dominate the Moslems will know who is the loser and who is weaker.


††††††††††† Although I talk to you when defeated, however, I disgust you, and you do owe to be blamed, but eyes are weeping, and hearts are pained.


††††††††††† I wonder every wonder, the killing of Allah's party who are intelligent by the hands of the demon's party who were previously slaves granted freedom.These hands are covered by our blood.These mouth eat our flesh.These pure bodies are deprived by non respectable people.If you considered us a gain, tomorrow you will consider us a big loss when you find only what you did.I complain to Allah and depend upon him, and Allah never makes unfairness to his servants.Do your best, plan as you wish, make conspiracies like you want, you will never diminish our reputation, or kill our prophecy, and you will never reach our glory, and you will never wash this disgrace.


††††††††††† Your opinion is only weak, your days are only countable, your assembly will certainly disperse when a caller says: Allah's curse is upon wrongdoers.


††††††††††† Praises and thanks for Allah who granted ancestors happiness and forgiveness, and who granted our last men by mercy and martyrdom. We ask Allah to fulfill them his good reward, and make their caliphate fine, he is merciful, compassionate, Allah is the finest, and unique supporter".


††††††††††† Yazid (Allah curse him) said:

Oh shout for dead men---it is so easy to die by grief

Then he consulted his associates about what to do with them.They told him donít take a bad dog as a pet.Al-Noaman ibn Bashir said: "do like Allah's messenger did".A man asked Yazid to grant him Fatima bint Al-Husein (A.S.).Fatima asked help with panic from her Ant Zeinab (A.S.) saying: "shall I be an orphan and a servant too".Zeinab (A.S.) said: "No, and this wrongdoer has no honor".The Syrian man asked about the woman, and Yazid said: "this is Fatima bint Al-Husein (A.S.), and that is her Ant Zeinab bint Ali".The man wondered: Fatima bint Al-Husein (A.S),.The man said: "Fatima bint Mohammad, and Ali ibn Abi-Talib". Yazid said: "Yes".The Syrian man said: "Allah Curse you Yazid, you killed the family of your prophet and captured his children, I thought that they were roman slaves".Yazid said:" I swear to Allah, I will join you with them", and he ordered to execute that man.


††††††††††† Yazid then ordered a speaker to get over the stage and insult Al-Husien (A.S.), and his father, prince of faithful (A.S.), and praise Yazid and his father.Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) said:" speaker, you have ruined yourself, you have brought the anger of the creator (Allah) for the sake of a creature, prepare yourself for hell" .


††††††††††† Ibn Sinan Al-Khafagy said a good poem describing the situation:

Do you insult him over the stages---and by his sword the state of Islam was established.


††††††††††† In that day, Yazid promised Ali ibn Al-Husein(A.S.) three requests, then he sent them to a bad place which does not protect them from sun or cold.They stayed in that place till they became more ill, and they never stopped mourning Imam Husein (A.S.).


††††††††††† Sokaina bint Al-Husein (A.S.) said: "At the fourth day I saw a vision, when I was sleeping.I saw a woman riding a camel in a cabinet and putting her hand over her head. I asked about her and I was told that it is Fatima bint Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) your grandmother.I intended to go to her and inform her about our tragedy.I stood in front of her crying and said;" Oh mother, they denied our right, oh mother, they dispersed us, oh mother, they violated our harem, oh mother, they killed Al-Husein (A.S.) our father".She said:" stop Sokaina, that is enough because you tore my heart, you hurt my liver, this is the shirt of Al-Husein (A.S.) attached to me until I meet Allah".


††††††††††† Ibn Lohaiya said:" I met RasĖAl-Galoot ( head cleric of Jews), he said that he is the seventieth son of the prophet David (A.S.), and for this reason the Jews respect him, althoughAl-Husein is directly the son of daughter of your messenger you killed him!".


††††††††††† Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) said: when Yazid possessed the head of Imam Husein (A.S.) he used to drink wine nearby the head.One day the messenger Caesar came and asked about that head.Yazid replied:" why are you concerned about that head?".The roman messenger said:" when I return to Rome, the king asks me about every thing, and I want him to share your pleasure and happiness".Yazid (Allah curse him) said:" this is the head of Al-Husein ibn Ali ibn Abi-Talib".The roman asked:" who is his mother?".Yazid said:" Fatima bint Mohammad, Allah's messenger". The roman man said:" How bad you are, and how bad your religion is, my father is one of the descendents of David (A.S.), and there is many fathers between him and David (A.S.), and you killed Al-Husein who is directly the son of daughter of your messenger, there is only one mother between him and your messenger, what is your religion?.The roman ambassador said:" have you heard about the church of horseshoe?".Yazid said:" tell me ".†† The roman messenger said:" there exists a sea between china and oman which is six months large, nothing is in that huge sea but a single island. This island is eighty miles long and eighty miles wide. It is a great city form which they bring Al-Kafoor and the rubies.The trees are Anbar and Ood, and their people are Christian.The governors are also Christian and their exists many churches.The major church is called the church of horseshoe.In the arch of the church they hang a golden bag which they believe that a horseshoe of the donkey used by Jesus (A.S.) is put in. Every year this church is visited a large numbers of Christians.They encircle that bag, rotate about it, kiss it, and there they ask Allah and pray to him.This is their attitude with a horseshoe of donkey claimed to belong to Jesus (A.S.). However, you kill the son of daughter of your messenger.Allah deprive you and your religion his blessing".Yazid said:" kill that ambassador so that he does not expose me at his country".The roman messenger said:" Do know that I saw your messenger yesterday when I was sleeping.He said to me: Oh Christian, you are one of heaven's people, and I wondered his words. I witness that there is not God but ALLAH , and I witness that Mohammad is his messenger".Then the roman messenger jumped towards the head of Al-Husein, he hugged it, kissed it, and cried till he got killed.


††††††††††† One day, while Imam Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) was walking through the markets of Damascus, he met Al-Minhal ibn Amr who asked the Imam: how are you?.The Imam (A.S.) answered:" Our status is like that of Bani-Israel who were persecuted by the Pharaohs.Our men are slaughtered and our women are kept alive.. Oh Minhal, the Arabs are proud that Mohammad (P.B.U.H) belongs to them and not any other race, and Koraish is proud that Mohammad (P.B.U.H) belongs to them and not to any other tribe, and we, his household, are killed, abused, and are refugees, We are owned by Allah and we will return to him".


††††††††††† May Allah mercy Mihyar who said the poem:

They raise his stages---while they put his children beneath their legs

How can his children follow you---while you have the privilege of being his companions


††††††††††† One day, Yazid called for Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) and Amr ibn Al-Husein who was a child of eleven years old.Yazid said:" would you wrestle my son Khalid ?". Amr replied:" No, but give us two knives to fight".†† Yazid said:

Acknowledged sharp words of Bani-Akhzam---does the snake give birth except to another snake.

Yazid told Ali ibn Al-Husein to ask the three requests he promised him.†† Ali (A.S.) said:

"The first is to let me see the face of my lord and master Al-Husein so that I can look to him, take aid from him, and farewell him.

The second is return to me our belongings which you took.

The third is that if you have decided to kill me, send men to escort these women to the holy place of their grandfather (P.B.U.H)".

Yazid said:" you will never see again the face of your father, I wont kill you, I have forgiven you, the women will be sent to Al-Madina only by you, I will compensate by many doubles your deprived properties ".

Ali said:" we donít want your money, it is yours, we only want what you took from us because the cloth machine, dresses of our grandmother Fatima (A.S.) is within it".Then Yazid ordered to return these things together with two hundred dinars.Ali (A.S.) took this money and divided it among the poor and weak people.


††††††††††† Then he ordered to return the prisoners and captives to their home near their grandfather, Allah's messenger (P.B.U.H), at Al-Madina.The shia sect says that the head was returned back to Karbala, other sayings were mentioned but we prefer not to mention to keep the script short and brief.


††††††††††† The teller said that when the caravan of Ali and his women and children reached Iraq, the women told the guide: let us pass by Karbala.There they found Gaber ibn Abdallah Al-Ansary, with some relatives of Bani-Hashim weeping.They stayed for several days mourning, crying, expressing hard sorrow and showing deep grief.


††††††††††† It was told that every night near the cemetery of Al-Koufa, people used to hear the mourning of Al-Gen.They used to say:

The messenger touched his face---consequently his face always shines

His father from Koraish is Ali---his grandfather is the best


††††††††††† Then, the caravan departed Al-Koufa towards Al-Madina.When Imam Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) approached Al-Madina, he camped and settled down.Ali (A.S.) said:" Oh Beshr ibn Hazlem, your father was a poet, can you tell us some?".Beshr replied:" indeed, I am a poet also".Imam Ali (A.S.) said:" then, enter Al-Madina and mourn my father".Beshr said: " I got over my horse and traveled quickly towards Al-Madina till a reached the mosque of Allah's messenger.I cried with a loud voice and said:


People of Yathreb, you have no residence---Al-Husein has been killed so my tears will never stop

His body is at Karbala---his head is raised over a spear and passed from one city to another

Then I said:" this Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) camping nearby withy his ants and his family".


††††††††††† Eventually, every lady, and every veiled woman got out, uncovering their hair, scratching their faces, striking their chests, calling for ruin and destruction.He said I have never seen more weepers than that day except the day when Allah's messenger died.He also said that he heard a girl weeping and saying:


My lord has been mourned and my heart has been hurt---this tragedy made my sick

Let your eyes pour many tears---may your tears continue forever

For whom made the thrown of Allah sorry---for the harmed dignity of religion

For the son of the prophet and the son of the guardian---although he is far away from us


††††††††††† The girl said:" Man you have renewed our grief for Al-Husein, and your scratched unhealed wounds, who are you?".Beshr told her hisname and informed them that he is a messenger and told them his location.Beshr said: " soon the streets became crowded with sad and crying people, I headed towards the camp of my lord Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.), he was getting out his tent drying his tears. His servant who was behind him put a chair for him. He sit down while he was crying continuously. People, men and women were all crying with loud voices and expressing sympathy.He pointed to them to be silent.When they became silent he made the following speech:


" All praises for Allah who is the lord of all worlds, the supremely compassionate and supremely merciful, the designer of all creatures, who departed and rose up in the high heavens, who approached and heard every whisper, we thank him and praise him for terrible events, hard happenings, and tremendous disasters. Oh people, Magnificent Allah, who we praise, has tested us by a great painful tragedy, and a great loss for Islam, Abo-Abdallah, Al-Husein ibn Ali (A.S.), has been killed with his family, his women and children has been captured, his head has been passed through the countries over a long bar.There is no similar tragedy. Oh people, how can a man be happy after what happened?. Which eye can stop immersing tears for him?.Indeed, the mighty seven heavens have cried for him. The seas with its waves have cried for him,The skies with its corners have cried for him.The finest angles and all the people of heavens wept for him.

Oh people, which heart does not break down for his murder?, which heart doesnít feel deep sadness for him?, which ear can tolerate the hearing of this disaster of Islam?.


Oh people, we have became expelled, dispersed, refugees as if we were sons of Turks or Kabul for no crime we did, for no mistake we made, for no loss we caused to Islam. We heard nothing like that from our ancestors and grandfathers.This is nothing but dishonesty, and deception.

I swear by Allah, if Allah's messenger (P.B.U.H) set a will about our fighting they would do nothing less than they did. We are owned by Allah, and we will return to him.This is truly the most painful tragedy, the most hard examination, the most bitter disaster.We account for Allah's good reward.He is mighty and well revenges".


††††††††††† Sowhan ibn Sawsaa ibn Sowhan, who was ill, rose up and apologized to Imam Ali saying that illness prevented him from supporting his father.†† Imam Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) accepted his apology, he thanked him and asked Allah's mercy for his father.


††††††††††† The author of this book said that when Imam Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) took his family to Al-Madina, he found their houses mourning, declaring its sorrow, expressing its grief.The author of this book also said to express grief: "Oh people, help me mourn Al-Husein (A.S.), help me to tolerate the great disaster.Those whom I mourn their departure, and those whom I am anxious to their merits were the lights of the night, medals of my honor and proud, reasons of strength and victory, and the rest of the suns and moons.

For how many nights I had the pleasureto hear their praying, for how many nights I was delighted to know their secrets.

For how many days they established my councils, for how many days they taught me morals, for how many days they implanted merits in my heart, for how many days they guarded me from bad events.

For how long they educated me, for how long they did enlighten me.

They were hit by the arrow of death, the days envied me for possessing this great privilege.They have became strangers among the enemies, and a target for the arrows of wrongdoers.The merits, morals, and nobility misses you so much.

What a loyal servant of Allah, what a sincere slave of Allah, what a true worshiper of Allah they have killed. What a flag of perfection they have put down. I miss the sympathy of rational men due to thewide ignorance.If you hear about the good manners how they miss Imam Husein (A.S.).If you know how the arches of mosques weep for him, you would know how you unfulfilled Imam Husein (A.S.).

If you see how sorry I am, if you see how much grief my heart holds, if you see how is my soul split into pieces, you would be pity for me.

How anxious I am to their houses, how anxious I am to their settlements, I wish I protected them from swords, I wish I pushed danger away from them, I wish I was a barrier between them and their enemies, I wish I defended them from the hostility of Allah's enemies.

I am so sad to miss the privilege of supporting them, I hold in my heart deep sorrow because I wasnít with them to protect them.

If I was present with them I would do for them my best effort, I would serve them as loyal soldiers, I would sacrifice myself to protect these fine servants of Allah.There is no medicine but them.I really feel so unhappy for their killing".


††††††††††† Ibn Ketta said a good poem:


I passed by the houses of Mohammad's family---I never saw like it

The killed people of Bani-Hashim--- made every man undignified

They were the rescuers---now they are a tragedy

Donít you see the sun sick---because Husein has been killed


It was told that Ali ibn Al-Husein (A.S.) wept forty years For Al-Husein (A.S.). He used to fast the day, and pray the night.When his servants used to bring him food, he always remembered his father who was killed hungry and thirsty.He used to cry till his food gets wet.This was his custom till he died.


††††††††††† One of the slaves of Imam Ali said I followed my master in the desert,My master began praying and I counted a thousand times: There is no God but Allah truly, There is no God but Allah sincerely, There is no God but Allah faithfully.The slave asked his master: "when will you stop mourning, when will you terminate your grief?".Imam Ali ibn Al-Husein said:" Jacoub ibn Ishak ibn Ibrahim was a prophet son of prophet son of prophet.He had twelve sons and Allah made one of them absent.The hair of his head became white due to his sorry, his back became bent, and he cried till he became blind.All this happened while his son is alive, and I have seen my father, my brothers, and seventeen of my relatives slaughtered so how can my sadness stop".


††††††††††† I say the poem:

Who tells men---who wears dresses of grief

Time which used to make us happy---has made us continuously sad

Our days became dark because their loss---our nights were white by their existence


This is the end of the brief story of martyrdom of Al-Husein (A.S.)


Praises, thanks for Allah, the lord of all worlds, and praises and greetings for his messenger and his noble family.



1-      Imam means a supreme leader of absolute religious, political, social, economical power.He must be infallible, perfect, unmistakable , and selected by Allah.

2-      Husein is the second son of Ali ibn Abi-Talib and Fatima Al-Zahraa.

3-      Shaaban is the eighth month of the Arabic calendar.According to this calendar the year consists of twelve lunar months.

4-      A.H. is an abbreviation for after higrah.The higrah is the immigration of prophet Mohammad at year 623 A.D.

5-      Rabee Awal is the third month of the Arabic calendar.

6-      Om means mother

7-      Al means the

8-      P.B.U.H . is short for praises, blessings be upon him or peace be upon him

9-      A.S. is short for Aleih Al-Salam which means greetings, and salutes be upon him

10-  Gabriel is the holy spirit and also known as the honest spirit.He is the angel responsible to deliver Allah's prophecy to his messenger.

11-  Allah is the name of God, the creator of every thing, and the lord of all worlds

12-  Kabil is the son of Adam who committed murder

13-  Habil is the son of Adam who was killed by his brother Kabil!.

14-  Ibn means son

15-  Fatima is the only child of prophet Mohammad.She was pure, infallible and got married to Imam Ali ibn Abi-Talib who was her cousin.She is also known by Al-Zahraa.

16-  Yazid is the son of Moawiya,. He was Known to be evil, wicked, with no morals and used to play with monkeys and leopards.††

17-  Hasan is the first son of Ali ibn Abi-Talib, he is the second Imam of the sacred household.

18-  Moawiya ibn Abi-Sofyan, A wicked man who rebelled against the prince of believers Ali ibn Abi-Talib.His father Soyan ibn Harb was the leader of the non-believers, unfaithful Arabs who fought fiercely the prophet Mohammad.

19-  Ragab the seventh month of the Arabic calendar.

20-  Shia means absolutely loyal supporters, and extremely sincere followers who are ready to fight and sacrifice themselves for the Imam.

21-  Bani means the children

22-  Zo-Al-Kada is the eleventh month of the Arabic calendar

23-  Abi and Abu means father

24-  Gomaa is the weakly prayer which is carried out together every Friday at noon.

25-  Fitna means continuous troubles and disorder, it also means a hard examination

26-  Sabaa an ancient people who lived at Al-Yaman at the time of the prophet David.

27-  Bint means daughter

28-  Al-Farazdak is a famous poet

29-  Moharram is the twelfth month of Arabic calendar

30-  Zahraa means the bright shiny woman

31-  Mortada means the accepted man

32-  Imam Mohammad Al-Bakir is the fifth infallible Imam of the sacred household

33-  Al-Mokhtar ibn Abi-Obaidah Al-Thakfay is a rebel who revenged Imam Husein (A.S.) by killing almost all the participants of the massacre of Karbala

34-  Imam Gaafar Al-Sadek is the sixth infallible Imam of the sacred household

35-  Imam Mohammad Al-Mahdy also known as Al-Kaem is the twelvth infallible Imam of the sacred household.He is expected to show up any time to fill up the world justice after it was filled injustice.

36-  Zolfakkar is the sword of prohet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).It is a double blade sword granted by Allah through his honest angel Gabrael.

37-  Kaaba is the sacred house at Mecca

38-  Quraan is the sacred book, it is the last divine book delivered by Allah's final messenger who is Mohammad ibn Abdallah

39-  surat is the chapter of holy Quraan

40-  Badr is the first battle between Alllah's messenger and the non believers.Allah granted the Moslems victory at that day.

41-  Ahmad is one of the names of Allah's messenger

42-  Abdel-Mottalib is the grandfather of Mohammad (Allah's last prophet)