The Ark
The Story of Our Prophet Noah
The Ark
The Story of Our Prophet Noah

When we climb certain mountains and hills, we will find seashells on their tops and at the bottom. Thus, we understand that water covered these places at one time.

People and mountain climbers see shells on heights in many parts of the world, such as Iraq, Iran, India, Egypt, Syria, China, America, etc.

The archeologists found wooden tablets on the top of Ararat Mountain. The tablets date back to 25OO before the birth of our prophet Jesus Christ (A. S.). Some of the archeologists believe that the tablets belong to the Ark of our prophet Noah (A. S.).

In the year 1951, a team of archeologists found a wooden tablet on the top of Qaf Mountain.

There is an ancient writing on the tablet. After a year of study, the archeologists concluded that this small wooden tablet belonged to the Ark of Noah (A. S.).

What is the story of that Ark? What is the story of the flood? What is the story of our prophet Noah (A. S.)?

People were one community. They led a simple life. They farmed their land and hunted animals.

Days and years passed. The strong made use of their strength. Thus, they oppressed their weak brothers.

The weak were afraid of the strong. So they submitted to them and were satisfied with a life of abasement and enslavement.

Pagan beliefs spread during the lifetime of our prophet Noah (A. S.). Corruption became public. Simple people were afraid of the strong. The strong worshipped idols.

At that time, perhaps over four thousand years ago, our prophet Noah (A. S.) lived in the land of the two rivers (Tigris and Euphrates).

Our prophet Noah noticed that his people led a life full of corruption and deviation from the truth. The strong deprived the weak of their rights. The rich persecuted the poor and forced them to work day and night. When the poor wanted to free themselves and their families, the rich used to hit and torture them. The rich wanted to enslave the poor.

People forgot to worship Allah, the One and Only. They worshipped idols they made of stone. They thought that the idols would bestow upon them, send down rain to them, protect them from dangerous thunderbolts, grant them good, and drive misfortunes away from them.

People made the idols with their own hands and put them on the bank of the river Euphrates. They called the idols Wadd, Sawa', Yaghuth, Ya'uq, and Nasr. They worshipped them and bowed to them.

Our prophet Noah was sad when he saw his people prostrating to those idols. Noah looked at the sky. He prayed to his Lord to save his people from that ignorance.

Allah, our Lord, chose Noah and sent him to the people to teach them how to worship Allah, the One and Only.


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