The Ark
The Story of Our Prophet Noah
The Ark
The Story of Our Prophet Noah

Call To Allah's Oneness

One day the people heard Noah say:

"People, I'm Allah's messenger for you. Allah created you. He bestows upon you. Ask Him for forgiveness. He'll forgive you. He sends down rain to you. He makes your land green. He gives you sons and daughters. Why do you worship idols? Why do you turn away from worshipping Allah, the One and Only?

"Look at the wide sky full of stars! Look at the moon and sun! Think of death! Why do people die?

"You've made idols of stone. You've called them Wadd, Sawa', Yaghuth, Ya'uq, and Nasr.

"Do you think that the idols bestow upon you give you children, and sent down rain to you? Do you think that they protect you from thunderbolts and floods? If not, why don't you worship Allah?"

The people looked at each other and asked one another: "Why does this carpenter (Noah) abuse our idols? Why does he insult Wadd, Sawa', Yaghuth, Ya'uq, and Nasr?"

The strong bore malice against Noah. They hated his call and words. For Noah summoned them to justice and brotherhood. He wanted his people to live freely. He wanted to prevent the rich and strong from enslaving poor, oppressed people.

For this reason, people hated Noah. Concerning him, they said: "Noah's mad. He's a mere poor carpenter. If he were Allah's messenger, he'd have the treasures of the earth. Why doesn't Allah send us an angel? Why does He send us a person like us?

"Noah's lower in rank than us. We've more money, children, and power than he has."

The weak were afraid of the strong. They thought that the strong were right. They thought that the gods supported the strong and gave them power.

Thus, simple people turned away from Noah. They put their fingers into their ears so as not to hear his words. They did not follow Noah. For they thought that the gods would be angry with them, and that the strong would be indignant with them.

These were the people's thoughts. Few people believed in Noah's words.

Some poor men and woman came to Noah. They listened to his words. So their hearts were full of belief in Allah the One and only

Such people were very poor and oppressed. They were afraid of the punishment of the rich masters and rude tyrants.

For this reason, Noah went on summoning his people to worship Allah and to refrain from worshipping idols.

He summoned them to do that day and night, secretly and openly. However, few people believed Noah. They were poor and oppressed.

Our prophet Noah felt pity for his people. He wanted to guide them to the right path. He wanted them to lead a peaceful life. He wanted to prevent the strong from persecuting the weak. He wanted them to be good people. He ordered the young to respect the old. He ordered the old to feel pity for the young.

People worshipped idols. So they refused to accept Noah's call to Allah's Oneness. They mocked Noah, for he was a poor carpenter.

The rich thought that they were better than Noah, for they had more money, children, and power than him.

One day the unbelievers came to our prophet Noah and said to him: "We won't follow you, for only the poor have followed you. If you dismissed them, we would believe and follow you."

Noah said to them: "I won't dismiss them. Dismissing them is a bad deed. Allah hates such a deed. I won't dismiss the believers."

Noah added: "Why do you think that the poor are base? They are our brothers. All people are equal."

The unbelievers said to Noah (A. S.): "You're a liar. We won't believe you. If you were Allah's messenger, you would have more riches than us and the treasures of the earth would be yours. "

They added: "Why don't Allah send us a person other than you'? You're a poor person!"

Noah said to them: "People, don't accuse Allah's messenger of lying. Surely Allah will punish you for that. "

The unbeliever said to him: "You dispute with us very much. If you are truthful, then let Allah punish us. We're not afraid of your threats. For you are a liar."

However, Noah went on summoning his people to worship Allah, the One and Only. Hundreds of years passed. People died. Babies were born. They became grown?ups. They were also unbelievers. They prostrated to idols and did not worship Allah.

Did you know how many years the summons of our prophet Noah (A. S.) last'? It lasted 95O years.

Noah became an old man but he was still strong. He was not afraid of the unbelievers.

The unbelievers hit Noah many times. He was almost died. They plotted against him many time, for they wanted to kill him.

Noah's wife was an unbeliever. She spied on him and the believers who came to visit him. Many times, Noah summoned his people to follow him. He advised and preached to them. However, all his efforts went in vain.

They mocked him. Noah loved his people. He wanted to guide them. So he wept for them. He wept for their bad fate, for they would die unbelievers.

One day, Noah was in his house. An old man leaning on a rod came to Noah. His little grandson accompanied him.

The old man said to his grandson: "Grandson, look at that old man. He's mad. Beware of him. For he'll deceive you. Don't stop worshipping the idols Wadd, Sawa', Yaghuth, Ya'uq, and Nasr.

The boy took his grandfather's rod, walked to Noah and hit him on the head!

Prophet Noah became sad. However, he was patient as he had been before.

Noah thought that his people would believe in Allah, the One and Only, the Creator of life, people, trees, rivers, etc.

Noah lived in this way. His wife opposed him. She supported the unbelievers.

Noah had children. They all believed him except one of them. This son pretended to believe but he was an unbeliever. He did not believe in Allah, the Most High.


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