How was the Qur'an, the Final Word of God,

It is a well-known historic fact that every religious Scripture
revealed before the Holy Qur'an suffered alterations, additions
and subtractions; some have even disappeared altogether.
Leaving aside the ancient ones, take for instance the case of
Jesus, the most recent of the Apostles of God before the Holy
Prophet Muhammad. What is available today is a collection of
mere stories told by different persons at different times based
upon often contradictory records. And even this has undergone
revision, with various translations of the text, hailed by some and
contested by others; for example the Douai Bible of the Catholic
Church, the King James Version of the Protestant Churches and
the Diaglott of the Watchtower Society, etc. This destructive
activity by man was tolerated by the Almighty Providence while
the Scriptures were being tampered with, awaiting the Final and
All-Comprehensive revelation which was yet to be given to the
human race. This was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad,
the Last of the Messengers and Warners from God. This Final
Word of God, the Qur'an, was sent down with a challenging
Under taking and assurance that none thereafter shall ever be able
to tamper with it, meddle with it, as the Omnipotent Author of
the Word and its Revealer Himself would take care of its
Originality, Arrangement, Completeness and Security:

Verily, We have sent down the Reminder (the Qur'an),
and verily We (Ourself) for it will certainly be the
Guardian. (15:9)

On Us is its (Qur'an's) Compilation, its Recitation and its

Before leaving this world, the Holy Prophet declared:

I leave among you Two great (very important) things, the
Book of God and my Ahlul-Bait; should ye be attached to
these Two, never, never shall ye go astray, and verily
never, never shall these Two be separated from one

This Apostolic announcement clearly states that:

1 The Holy Qur'an was there in the form of a complete

2 It was there in the hands of the people, for the Holy
Prophet says, "I leave among (or in the midst of) you".

3 To avoid going astray, people should hold fast to both,
the Qur'an and the Ahlul-Bait, and not to others.

4 The Ahlul-Bait will always be with the Qur'an, and the
Qur'an in its original form and with its correct
meanings will be only with the Holy Ahlul-Bait.
5 As the Holy Prophet says, these Two will never be
separated from each other. As long as the Qur'an is
there in this world, there will be one of the Ahlul-Bait
(the Imam of the age).

The historic recital of the Qur'an by the severed head of Husain,
the King of Martyrs, at Karbala, proved that a member of the
Ahlul-Bait, even when killed, is the custodian of the Qur'an and
can deliver it to the world.