Shiaism: What is it and Why is it So Called?

Shiaism is another name for the original Qur'anic faith. In
short, it is nothing more nor less than the Islam-Original.
It is an historic fact that, no sooner had the Holy
Prophet departed from this earth, than the vested interests of man
gained hold on matters secular as well as spiritual and started
making additions, subtractions and alterations to the original
teachings of Islam, misinterpreting the Word of God and
inventing counterfeit traditions in the name of the Holy 'Prophet.
The Holy Prophet, before departing from this world, had openly
and repeatedly made the following guiding announcement for the
people to abide by:

Of whomsoever lam the Lord, this Ali is the Lord

And the Holy Prophet, before his departure, declared:

I leave behind me amidst you Two weighty (very
important) things, the Book of God (the Holy Qur'an) and
my Ahlul-Bait. Should ye be attached to these Two,
never, never shall ye go astray, and never shall these
Two be separated from one another until they meet me at
the Spring of "Kauthar" (ie. Paradise). (Tafsir-e-Kabir,
Tafsir-e-Durre Manthur and others)

The Holy Prophet further announced:

The likeness of my Ahlul-Bait is that of the Ark of Noah.
whosoever getting into it is saved and who soever
turneth from it is drowned and lost. (Hadith)

People neglected the Ahlul-Bait and began following their own
ways and created what they called their own Schools of Islam,
and, as deviators from the prescribed course, called themselves
Muslims. Then those who had faithfully followed the original
teachings of the Holy Qur'an and remained faithful to the course
prescribed by the Holy Prophet had of necessity to distinguish
themselves from those who had discarded the divinely established
guides, the Ahlul-Bait. So those who followed Ali alter the Holy
Prophet called themselves Shias of Ali and the Islam-Original
became identified as "Shiaism". This was quite in accordance
with the Bait, or allegiance to Ali, required by the Holy Prophet
at Ghadeer-e-Khum. But others disregarded it and paid
allegiance to their own chosen leaders.
Thus Shiaism stands for the Islam-Original and Shias for the
true Muslims faithfully attached to the Holy Prophet and the Holy
In fact the Shia-Ithna-Ashari School is the Qur'anic Islam of
the Holy Prophet and the rest are the newly-established sects and
sub-sects deviating from the original course.