The Most Misrepresented and Misunderst9od
School, the School of the Islam-Original

Islam in general is no doubt misrepresented and misunderstood
on account of the antagonistic propaganda by Christian
missionaries. However, the most misrepresented and
misinterpreted of all is Shiaism, which is the most misunderstood
of all the religions of the world. The reason for this is the
absence of literature about it in languages other than Arabic,
Persian and Urdu.
A very brief note on the fundamental doctrines, with a few
leading verses of the Qur'an on which the ideology is based, will
help the reader to see that Shiaism, the Islam-Original, is the
superb and unchallengeable pure Qur'anic Faith presented to
mankind by the Holy Prophet and preserved By the Ahlul-Bait.
The notes are not intended to lengthen the work, but have the
sacred purpose of establishing a better understanding of the
and creating the love and fellowship among the various groups of
the human family on earth.