Belief in the All-Just disposition of a ruling authority has a
aspect for its subjects. When the subjects. are sure of justice
being meted out by their ruler, they always guard against
breaking the law and inviting punishment. At the same tune,
knowing that there will be recognition and reward for loyalty,
they are encouraged to be obedient. Justice attracts honour,
reverence and loyalty, while injustice is corrupt and evil. God is
All-Just and All-Perfect.

This is for what your (own) hands have brought forth and
because God is not unjust to his servants.

God Himself witnesseth that there is no god but He, and
so do the angels and those possessed of knowledge,
standing firm for justice, (there is no) god but He, the
Mighty and Wise.

The absolute justice of God has been repeatedly declared in the
Holy Qur'an and justice has repeatedly been enjoined on man in
all his dealings with God and His creatures
Besides, justice is an essential factor in the establishment and
maintenance of peace and security on earth, and unless the Lord
of the Universe Himself is just, He cannot expect man to be just.
Faith in the Absolute Justice of God is one of the essential
articles of Islam-Original belief identified as Shiaism. Some of
the other schools subsequently established by the Muslims believe
that God need not necessarily always be just.

The Divine Justice is tempered with Mercy

It must be remembered that divine justice of All-Merciful God
cannot be compared with the justice meted out by judges in the
courts of law. These judges are only executors of the law without
authority outside the limits of the law. They are bound by the
law and any petition for mercy must be addressed to the Crown
only, is. the maker of the law. God is not a mere judge, bound
by the law. He is the Absolute Monarch with Absolute
Independence. Hence His justice is always tempered with mercy,
for only He can grant mercy. Whereas an earthly judge cannot be
swayed by a person's repentance, the All-Merciful may pardon
him where there is sincere repentance and a determination to
mend his ways.

(All) praise is God's alone, the Lord of the worlds, the
Beneficent, the Merc'fu4 the Master of the Day of
Judgment. (1:24)

It should be noted that the above qualities of God have been
declared to man in the opening chapter of the Holy Qur'an which
must be repeated at least seventeen times every day in the
prescribed compulsory prayers which a Muslim must offer, so
that he may always remember that God is All-Merciful and All-
Just and at the same time Absolute Sovereign of the Universe.
It is for man to glorify God, rejoicing at His being All-
Merciful as well as being warned of His Justice. Thus he will
guard against breaking the divine law and promote goodness in
himself and to others, knowing that there will be a reward from
the All-Just Master of the Day of Judgment.