One of the wonderful mysteries about the personalities of
Muhammad, the A-c of God, his daughter Fatema, the Lady
of Light, and the Eleven of the Twelve chosen successors
(imams) from Ali-al-Murtaza to Hasan-Al-askari, is that all of
them were martyred and none of the Holy Fourteen had had any
education; and yet they were the fountainhead of a wonderful,
divinely-inspired knowledge and were unequalled by any other
than those of their own holy group.
Imam Hasan-al-Askari, the 11th Imam, was martyred in 260
A.H. The Abbasid Caliph Mo'tmad sent his men to kill the 12th
Imam who, under divine inspiration, took shelter in the cave at
'Surra manra' and disappeared. Many great Sunni Scholars have
also accepted this incident, namely:
1 Mullah Jami in his Shawahidun-Nubwwa
2 Abdul-Wahab Sha'rani in his Lawahaqul-Answar and in
his Alyawa queet-Wal-Jawahir
3 Shaik-e-Akbar, Mohieddin ibne-Arabi, in his Futuhate-
4 Khaja Parsa in Faslul-Khitab
5 Abdul Huq Mohaddis Dehlavi in A'immatul-At'har
6 Jamaluddin Mohaddith in his raudzatul-ahbab
7 Abu-Ahdullah Shami, author of Kifayatul-Tibyan-Fi-
8 Sibt-ibne-Jawzi in his Tizkirae-Khawasal-Umma
9 lbne-Sabbagh Nuruddin Ali Maleki in his Fusoolul-
10 Kamaluddin-bin Talha Shafayi in his Matalebus-Su'ool
11 Shah Valiullah in his Fazlul-Mubeen
12 Shaik Sulaiman Hanafi in his Yanabiul Mo'addah

About the indefinite and extraordinary length of life granted to
the 12th Imam, the great scholars have said that, when Muslims
believe in the life of the holy prophets Jesus, Khizr, Idris and
even the Dajjal, why should people wonder about the life of a