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The Judicious Quran: Researches

The building of a culture is not a single person or a group of people or even a generation's responsibility. It is a process that begins and never ends unless after all humanity has been provided by good.
Therefore, every individual is to carry a positive role, so that we could all push forward the wheels of Islamic culture forever. It is a preliminary aid to those who wish to take part in the process of building a civilization. For, it helps in considering the greatest sources of cultural thought, the Judicious Quran.
The book starts its discussion in Chapter One with The Judicious Quran: Researches, which includes the following articles: Why the Quran? The Necessity of Pondering the Quran; The Quran and Personal Interpretation; The Quran Between Purification and Education; The Judicious Quran Between the Outward and the Inward; The Judicious Quran Between the Decisive and the Allegorical; The Judicious Quran and the Seven Words; The Judicious Quran and Its Semantic Proofs; Pondering and the Psychological Attributes; Pondering and the Intellectual Attributes; Pondering and the Quranic Context; Pondering External Facts; Pondering and the Quranic Application; The Method of Pondering in the Quran.
Chapter Two is The Philosophy of the Judicious Quran, including the following articles: What Is the Existent? studying, Studying Existence: Its Aspects; The Truth of Existence; The Islamic View on Creation; Verses and Interpretations; The Islamic View on Creation: Its Results; Allah in the Quran; The Intellect in the Quran; The Way to Know the Intellect; The Intellect: A Gift; Science and the Gift of Intellect; Man in Nature, Intellect, and Will; Psychology in the Quran; Morality in the Quran; Social Philosophy in the Quran; The Social System; The Philosophy of History in the Quran; The Remarkable Features in Quranic philosophy.
In his preface, Al-Modarresi says: Originally, this book was in the form of lectures, which I was asked to deliver to a team of university students. As soon as they put them down, I looked into them and the current book was prepared.
Before this, he had said, The researcher will find some difficulty in digesting the book. He/She must pay attention to the nature of this difficulty remembering its responsibility which is limited to being a help with thinking. For, the work to be successful, it should encourage thinking, and to be such it should be difficult. One should not forget that the book, by subject, is difficult. Is it not a study on the Quran? Does not the Quran overview the valleys and hills of life?
Dar Al-Bayan Al-Arabi published this book for the third time in 1412/1992, 168 pages, Mid-size paper.


 Why the Quran?
 The Necessity for Pondering the Quran
 The Quran and Personal Interpretation
 The Quran Between Purification and Education
 The Judicious Quran Between...
 The Judicious Quran Between the..
 The Judicious Quran and the Seven Words
 The Judicious Quran and Its Semantic Proofs
 Pondering and the Intellectual Attributes
 Pondering and the Quranic Context
 Pondering and External Facts
 Pondering and Quranic Application
 The Method of Pondering the Quran
 What is Existence?
 Studying Existence: Its Aspects
 The Truth of Existence
 The Islamic View on Creation
 Verses and Interpretations
 The Islamic Vision on Creation: Its Results
 Allah in the Quran
 The Intellect in the Quran
 The Way to Know the Intellect
 The Intellect: A Gift
 Science and the Gift of the Intellect
 Man in Nature, intellect, and Will
 Psychology in the Quran
 Morality in the Quran
 Social Philosophy in the Quran
 The Social System
 The Philosophy of History in the Quran
 The Remarkable Features in Quranic Philosophy

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